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Dear Friend,

We are currently working on the tribute pages in our upcoming Songbook, Voices in Harmony. We are humbled to design several song pages to honor the legacies of loved ones. Through this resource, we will forever continue to sing their songs and pass them on from generation to generation.

This tradition dates back to our first Patriarch Avraham, who composed a beautiful song, called Aishes Chayil as a eulogy for his righteous wife Sarah upon her passing. We are still singing his song and praising Jewish women of all times [the daughters of Sarah Imeinu] every Friday night before Kiddush. This tribute song was recorded years later by Shlomo HaMelech in his book of Mishlei (Proverbs).

On Friday night, we sing the opening words: “Aishes Chayil Mi Yimtza - A woman of valor, who can find?” Indeed, where can we find one like her? It often seems so difficult to reach as high as those who came before us. Yet, we have the strength because our noble Matriarchs paved the way for their descendants!

Always remember, that the Aishes Chayil, this incredible woman, is inside each and everyone of us. It is woven into our “spiritual DNA”. The voice of Sarah within us is yearning to sing. The strength of Miriam within us is waiting to take action. The light of Esther within us is ready to gleam just like a gem.

We are each an invaluable link in the golden chain.
We carry on their legacy…
They’re waiting for us to continue singing their songs!
[Adapted from the intro. to the Chapter on Songs about Jewish women in Voices in Harmony. Written By Tzipporah Prottas, our JGU Blogger]


A SONG Composed by Racheli Jacks for JGR and Sung by Chaviva Tarlow
Studio Recording Sponsored by the Seymour Fox Foundation.

The final version of the Voices in Harmony songbook will include links to the soundtracks, meaningful tributes pages, as well as art work and photographs. It will be professionally designed by Leah Caras of Carasmatic Design [formerly Yaldah Magazine].

Please consider supporting our Jewish girls worldwide and honoring a loved one with a song tribute page in the Voices in Harmony Songbook Publication. Tributes are due by Jan 31.

May your Shabbat be filled with joy and harmony!
Nechama Laber & Team JGU

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Just in case you missed it....
Enjoy this three part Journal entry on the JGU Blog by Tzipporah Prottas, a JGU Member from CT. She eloquently describes her experience at the Winter Leadership Retreat.


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Can't wait to see You Online,
Chaviva, Nechama & TEAM JGU

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