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July 2014

Germany-5-day meditation-June 5-9-smaller

European Meditation Retreat (L-R): Verena Deekan, Christoph Wasser, Werner Braun, Katharina Megnet, Colin Brown, Gunna Gusewski, Pien van der Goes, Monika Bernegg, (kneeling) Petra Brown.

Dear Friend,

Some of our European students enjoyed a 5-day meditation retreat last month. The event took place in the Black Forest in Germany - such a beautiful location to be focusing on co-creation for ourselves and for the Earth!

You can have a similar experience at the Diamond Heart Retreat Centre in July. Consider coming to our Living Love meditation retreat July 20 to 26. Read more below.


Every now and then go away, even briefly, have a little relaxation,
for when you come back to work, your judgment will be surer,
since to remain constantly at work will cause you to lose power

--Leonardo da Vinci


July 20 to 26 - Powell River, BC (it's almost here!)

Come to this meditation retreat to release, relax, and rejuvenate your heart and soul. Come bathe in the beauty of nature. Your heart will be grateful and your soul satisfied. Gifts you receive from this retreat:

▪ Love without boundaries
▪ Release the cords that bind you to the past
▪ Practice forgiveness for others and yourself
▪ Balance the yin and yang of your nature to love more deeply
▪ Move from fear and scarcity to love in your life
▪ Open fully to receive the peace and joy of Spirit’s love

Days of silent meditation and inner contemplation will be accompanied by sharing with loving others with whom you journey.

Location: Diamond Heart, Powell River, BC, beside the ocean

Fee: $695 plus GST, accommodation and meals. Optional cruise of Desolation Sound, including a delicious meal.

Contact: Jenny Linley <jennylou@telus.net> Phone: (604) 733-0339

jonathan beals

Jonathan Beals will be assisting Tanis in our retreat. For the past 25 years, Jonathan has been sharing his gift as a healer of deep psychic wounds in the subconscious and body. He will offer a complimentary session to each participant who wishes it.


What people are saying on Facebook about our retreat:

“I have been there several times for some of the most inspirational, and nurturing, experiences of my life. I cannot say enough about Tanis as a teacher and a mentor.”

--Melinda Ewell

“After studying with Tanis for more than 12 years, I know the depth of this experience will be elegantly enlightening. I can't wait to see other loyal students and welcome new souls to our group.”

--Janet Rouss

“I'd recommend this yearly retreat to anyone who is seeking guidance in terms of one's Life Purpose or/and simply to enjoy an oasis from one's journey!”

--Alice Charland


If you're thinking of coming or have questions, visit our event page, and click on 'Maybe' so that you can post your questions: https://www.facebook.com/events/689502784439025/

Video: Diamond Heart Retreat Centre

Click on the image below to watch a slideshow of the Diamond Heart Retreat Centre. This is where the Living Love Meditation Retreat will take place July 20-26. Let this place bring you peace - it's a gift.


If the image link above doesn't work for you, copy and paste the following URL into your internet browser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP8fC0HmZuE&list=PLtzhUJ3vRnTZIJ24TvJMT4aOBhihQJmRu&feature=share.

Spiritual Transformation DVD

A guide for your Journey - available this fall!

To become conscious, we must undergo deep transformation. We need to let go of old patterns that no longer serve and unite our personality with our soul’s purpose. How you will benefit from this program:

Discover the signs of awakening for yourself and the Earth.
Learn heart opening techniques to transform relationships with yourself and others.
Receive tools to develop your spiritual intelligence (SQ) to succeed in this new evolving world.
Learn to co-create with Spirit to fulfil your life purpose.

This new course is based on Tanis' DVD, Spiritual Transformation.

Workbook (78 pages) includes several in-depth Youtube videos with Tanis. This workbook can be used by individuals and study groups to facilitate your own spiritual transformation. $97 early bird launch price

Tanis-vase-0902-flower fairy

Flower fairy.

Elemental Workshops

The consciousness in nature is referred to in our myths by many different names — leprechauns of Ireland, the people of the mist by the Maori of New Zealand, fairies of England and elves of Germany. These are the elementals and nature spirits.

The workshop, Working and Playing with Nature Spirits is based on Tanis Helliwell’s books, Summer with the Leprechauns: The authorized edition and Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns. This course will share with you the secrets of manifestation according to natural laws and the natural world so that you can be more effective in your work and world.
* Learn about leprechauns, fairies, elves, and meet one that wants to work with you.
* Meet your body elemental and work with it to heal your body.
* Learn about elementals and nature spirits of different countries and cultures.
* Create a beautiful world in co-operation with nature spirits.
* Weather permitting, some of the workshop will be held outdoors.

Workshop schedule, Fall 2014:

Sept. 27-28, 2014 – Blue Mountain, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
Fee: $295. Light lunch/snacks included, day one -vegetarian chile, day two -vegetarian pasta. Those with special dietary needs encouraged to bring their own lunch/snacks.
Contact: Patricia Sybersma, 705-446-8679, tsybersma@hotmail.com

October 4 & 5, 2014 – Genesis Farm in Blairstown, New Jersey, USA
Fee: $295. Beverages, fruit and light snacks will be available all day. Lunch and dinner will be on your own. For those staying at Genesis Farm, a light breakfast is available.
Contact: Gail-Elizabeth England, geengland@gmail.com, 802-223-1730 (work & home phone – please leave a message)


Wishing you a fun-filled summer!

tanis signature

Tanis Helliwell
International Institute for Transformation


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