Last spring household changes spurred my ninth move in California, this time to Sonoma County. Mention the village of Glen Ellen and it elicits, from


Last spring household changes spurred my ninth move in California, this time to Sonoma County. Mention the village of Glen Ellen and it elicits, from those who know it, a little sigh. Mysterious Valley of the Moon. A confluence of coastal and inland vegetation, some of the finest vineyards in California, one of the most beautiful places on earth. And if it’s possible to fall in love with a house, this was at first sight. Stunning views from every window, privacy, silence, room to garden, a stream and a grove of ancient firs.


Six months later, the night of October 8th, I wake up, smell smoke. News says the glow I see from the windows is Atlas Peak, some miles away. Tired, I go back to bed. At 3 AM neighbors rouse us. "Fire’s jumped to Warm Springs Road, you need to get out." Some art, archives, bedding, computer, clothes, passport. I’d been thinking about this. Went to stay with a friend in Marin and couldn’t get back for 2 weeks.


A neighbor’s house burned. They’d been the first to welcome me. The fire tore up to our driveway, but didn’t cross it. Our house was spared, the ancient forest. The view now is swaths of blackened earth, still compelling in its way. I have new respect for the perilous beauty. I am grateful to be alive. But for two small if’s, I would not be.

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My enforced exile has taken a toll on holiday preparedness. No time to make the Spiced Crab Apples this year, and to those for whom it has become a holiday tradition, I apologize.


Calamondin Marmalade

The Calamondin Marmalade, perhaps the best of all, will be in short supply this season. The orchard in Florida that grows them dodged the storms, but is closing down—the trees are being pulled up for a palm nursery. I don’t know where I will find them again.


Lisbon Lemon Marmalade

I will never be able to resist bringing in something new, though—and the Lisbon Lemon Marmalade is a stunning apotheosis of lemon flavor, an instant hit. Several accounts are signing up for next year, but for now this is the only place to find it!

You may have heard of the 100 year old fruitcake, here. I have none near that age, but I do have a limited number of 2 year old cakes this season, made way back in 2015. How long ago that now seems! Didn’t like the Dark cake as much as the White until I started drinking coffee. Now I understand—White cake with tea, Dark cake with coffee!

wh fruitcake

White Fruitcake, Aged 2 Years

dk fruitcake

Dark Fruitcake, Aged 2 Years


The Christmas Jam

The Christmas Jam is again available, but only as a Gift With Purchase for any order over $300, while supplies last.

The new house and the last year have brought changes to life and business. My thumbs are green, not meant for texting or tweeting or posting. I no longer engage in Social Media—more likely to be in the yard or up the hill—but I am happy to hear from customers by email, as always. I aim to keep my blog updated with everything from my trip to Hollywood to the Colnik latch recently installed at the farm.


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White Fruitcake - Lambert Fruitcakes are among the most heralded in the marketplace (Wall St. Journal, San Francisco Chronicle and many more agree) CLICK ON IMAGE

Dark Fruitcake

Dark Fruitcake - Lambert Fruitcakes were dubbed the "champagne of fruitcakes" - Oprah's Favorite Things 2015 CLICK ON IMAGE


Pear Ginger Jam - Exquisite Flavors CLICK ON IMAGE


Pear Ginger Jam - Memorable & Craving Inducing! CLICK ON IMAGE


Wild Blueberry Lemon Jam - among my most popular CLICK ON IMAGE


Apricot Jam - Like none other. The balance of flavors & spice...heavenly! CLICK ON IMAGE

RL Chocolate Sauce Gallery Shot

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Once again, I am honored to provide you with good things to savor, remember and share with family and friends in the coming weeks. I am grateful to be granted more time in this home, that we both survived. After two rains the grass is already sprouting, the ground thick with germinating seeds.

My Best To You,

Robert Lambert
Glen Ellen, California
November 2017

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