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Mid August 2019 || issue #81
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Many towns, many schools

Coach Braz's GTD Edge conditioning programs for xc and allsports ended on Friday, August 16.

After 18 onsite sessions and 56 days of conditioning, 100s of scholastic athletes are ready for college, high school, and middle school competition this fall.

The cross-country program drew runners from 28 towns and 53 schools. There were 23 college runners in this summer's program.

The allsports program provides conditionng for soccer players, lacrosse, field and ice hockey, track, basketball, cheering, and more.

The allsports program had athletes from 19 towns and 45 schools. There were 14 college athletes in this summer's program.

IMG 6685
IMG 8432

XC -- it's about more than running. The Edge.


Spreading the word

The programs had tremendous support from many parents who encouraged others to join. They brought in teammates of their sons and daughters, and talked about the program with neighbors and friends. And they took full advantage of carpooling to get to the Peabody location each morning.
From a long list of enthusiastic parents, we want to especially thank the following: Lori DeMarco (Ipswich), Robin Farago (Salisbury), Sue Kiley (Andover), Alicia Gillis (Peabody), Nikki Dunn (Lynn), Lu Keohane (Wakefield), Blake Kelsey (Beverly), Rose Perullo (Rowley), Patty Gaffney (Wakefield), Janel Stevenson (Wakefield), Linnea Kelliher (Wakefield), and Andrea Bettencourt (Peabody). There were many more parents who supported the program this summer, and I apologize for missing some who were vital to the program's success.

In addition to parents, many of the athletes encouraged teammates and friends to join. For example, Kitty Mannion brought in many of her Lynn Classical soccer teammates.

IMG 1289

Allsports -- yes, those feet are off the ground.

IMG 1274

Allsports -- Coach Braz says those hurdles are not high.


Post Program Additional Week

Although the GTD Edge conditioning programs for the summer end this weekend, Coach Braz has sent a Post Program Additional Week to carry athletes through to the start of their scholastic athletic programs. So if you want more pushups, crunches, jumping jacks, squats, and running guidelines in the coming week (AND WHY NOT!), take a look at Coach Braz's bonus to you.


How far is it?

Not far at all. The location for the GTD Edge summer programs is Peabody High School, where we use the turf field, track, upper grass fields, and the trails at Brooksby Farm. The location is reached easily by major roads from North Shore and Merrimack Valley towns, usually lightly travelled early on a summer morning. From my driveway in North Andover (almost in Lawrence), it's only 13 miles.


GTD Edge Coaches

It's a long summer. Six weeks of onsite sessions, 18 of them. It's hot. Humid. And the coaches do not have the joy of DOING the running, jumping, cutting. But they have done it. All of it. That's why they know how to teach it. And they know what it takes to make that quick cut around a cone, or that skip over a ladder, or run that last 50 yards hard after a long hill (repeated 6 times!).

It all starts with Coach Braz, who designs each morning's program. By 7am, he and Coach Pat Mayo are on the fields laying out the equipment for xc and allsports sessions. Coach Peter Cirafice arrives by 7:15 to check the xc workout for the day and plan his work (though it all may change by 8am). Coaches Dawn McGrath, Colette Madore, Sue Kiley, and Emily DeMarco arrive by 7:45. The college runners are now arriving and beginning their extended session, starting with dynamics and then continuing with their college-based run for the day, which will be followed by core with the rest of the xc camp. The rest of the xc runners have now arrived and after a quick overview of the morning from Coach Braz, they often huddle with their group coach before heading out for a warmup run, or they head right to a dynamic warmup.
For more on the GTD xc coaches, go to this link.

IMG 3232

Coach Emily DeMarco explains the warmup run to her group.

Allsports coaches begin arriving by 8:30 -- Tom Holleran, Dana Bonjourno, Dan Harris, Theresa Connolly, Scott Myers, Chris Cennami, and Chris Butler. The athletes begin arriving soon after and gather in increasingly large herds, and by 9am either Coach Braz or Coach Mayo starts them on a warmup run. And then the work begins for allsports coaches and athletes -- cones, low hurdles, ladders, the track, the stadium steps. And yes, more.
For more on the GTD allsports coaches, go to this link.

Many thanks to all the coaches -- and the athletes! -- for a tremendous summer.
Dave Smith
GTD Director

IMG 7943

Allsports -- Coach Scott Myers, ladders, cones, active coaching


Next summer

Registration for next summer's programs will be available on March 1, 2020.
If you have questions or comments about the programs, please send me an email.


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