Journey to the Dream Part of The Dream Caravan, 2015 Sunday, November 8th, 1 p.m. - 2 p.m New Orleans, LA Shamanism is one of the most ancient spi

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Part of The Dream Caravan, 2015
Sunday, November 8th, 1 p.m. - 2 p.m
New Orleans, LA

Shamanism is one of the most ancient spiritual practices of humankind and often involved some sort of engagement with individual's dreaming lives. One of the most important ceremonies/techniques used by Shamans to engage with the spirit world to facilitate healing and divination has been the shamanic journey. Shamans used journeying to explore the "Dreamtime", which they viewed as as a mystical and very real realm in which to interact with spirit guides. By working with our dreams and shamanic journeying we can bridge the gap between our waking and dreaming lives, as well as tap into the rich depth of knowledge available within each of us.

In this unique 1 hour workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore a dream and develop or deepen a practice of working with their dreams using a simple shamanic journeying method. Basic journeying techniques will be taught. No prior journeying experience or dreamwork practice is needed. Please bring one or two recent dreams with which to work.

This workshop is offered by Mary Kay Kasper, a Druid Priestess and Ecotherapist and Laura Smith, an Archetypal Dreamwork Practitioner working with clients internationally (see detailed bios below), and is part of The Dream Caravan 2015, a two-day dream event in New Orleans, November 7th & 8th at the Arts Estuary Building, 1024 Elysian Fields Ave. Workshop times are between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Cost: sliding scale $10 - $35 includes all workshops/lectures on Sunday and a free one-on-one dream consultation! Get tickets here: Dream Caravan Tickets! Enter in promotion codes: "STUDENT" for $10.00 student ticket or "COMMUNITY" for $25 community ticket. $35 at the door.

Artwork by Sam Brown, Sam Brown Art and Design


Mary Kay Kasper works with the intellectually disabled, is an ecotherapist, dream practitioner, rites of passage & wilderness guide, Druid Priest, and ceremonial leader. She has worked with her dreams for over 25 years, facilitated shamanic dream groups and instructed college courses on The Psychology of Dreams and Ecopsychology. She has presented workshops on Shamanic and Integrative dreamwork as well as Pagan Spirituality. She is a seeker of pathways that guide us to wholeness through the deep invitation of our relationships to each other, our dreams, and the more than human world.

"Way of the Birch" is a program created to share her passion for teaching and mentoring those who desire to seek this path to wholeness through the mysteries of our soul-rooted relationship to the earth.

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Laura Smith is an Archetypal Dreamwork Practitioner, working with clients nationally and internationally. She lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with her partner of 17 years raising heritage breed livestock on their 78 acre farm. When she's not wrangling sheep, you can find her painting or writing in her studio, connecting to the healing energy of the earth, or engaged in laughter and general mayhem with her friends and family on various parts of the globe. She regularly blogs about her journey through dreams on the dream blog In Search of Puella and her art work has been has been published DeLuge Magazine (2011, 2012), Collective Magazine (2014), Still Point Arts Quarterly (2014), ARAS, The Poetry Portal (2014) and The Light Ekphrastic (2015). Find out more about Archetypal Dreamwork with Laura Smith on her website

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