Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society volunteer program among... We are profoundly humbled at the same time filled with a tremendous sense of accom

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Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society volunteer program among...


We are profoundly humbled at the same time filled with a tremendous sense of accomplishment that the volunteer program of the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society is in, the 100 best volunteer vacations to enrich your life (Pages 204 & 205) written by Pam Grout and published by National Geographic.

It was in 2002 that the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society initiated to integrate the newly emerging concept of volunteering to our projects to make the projects sustainable, provide the means to engage local village youth actively in our Field Scouts program, as well as to overcome the uncertainties associated with depending mostly on grant funding to maintain our projects and operations over the long term.

In 2007 we faced an uphill task due to the escalating civil conflict in the country volunteer recruitment to our program fell so low that the very existence of the society was at stake. Yet we prevailed and managed to keep our volunteer program operating. Since then we have developed partnerships with several more international volunteer placement organizations located in the UK, USA, Australia, Netherlands, Thailand and China.

Thereby it is with a great sense of accomplishment and appreciation that we share this information with our friends, partners, supporters, donors, and volunteers. To all the organizations that recruit volunteers for our program and to those hundreds and hundreds of volunteers who had participated in our program supporting our wildlife conservation efforts over the past 14 years, it is with a deep sense of gratitude that we say, Thank You!

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The dedication in the book seems so applicable considering the current geopolitical events and adversities the world is facing. “This book is for everyone who believes a better world is possible and can feel a better, more loving, more peaceful world rising up.”

Excerpt from the entry on the SLWCS volunteering program in the 100 best volunteer vacations to enrich your life:

“…on this project…You’ll work with local field scouts to conduct human-elephant conflict surveys, known as HECs, and compile data on elephant movement, behavior, and density.”

“Village kids love to practice their English on volunteers, and their parents invite them into their homes for drinks and peanuts picked fresh from their gardens. Many volunteers say the villagers are best part of the whole project.”

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Pam Grout

PAM GROUT is the author of 14 travel and self-help books, as well as numerous articles for such publications as Travel & Leisure, Outside, Modern Maturity, and the Washington Post. She also writes a travel column called “Now, Where Was I?”

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Bring your passion...and your sense of adventure!

We offer individuals and families from all around the globe a rare opportunity to work alongside our scientists, conservationists, educators, community partners, and local villagers deep within the heart of beautiful Sri Lanka. Together, we are carrying out essential conservation work while building international support for our mission.
SLWCS has been operating its Volunteering and Intern Program since 2002; it generates much-needed revenue to support our critical conservation and research work.
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Special thanks to filmmaker and good friend, Lacy Wittman, whose spirit of adventure and commitment to elephants is gratefully appreciated!


Your volunteer contribution helps us to continue saving elephants and protecting other wildlife every day. Thank you!


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