Conflict Conquered - 8 Steps in 8 Weeks “This has been one of those mind expanding experiences. I’ve been able to slow things down and take an extra

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Conflict Conquered - 8 Steps in 8 Weeks


“This has been one of those mind expanding experiences. I’ve been able to slow things down and take an extra beat. I can see more quickly now.”
Kristy, Santa Barbara

Are you tired of certain kinds of conflict in your life? Do you avoid particular spaces and people because of it? Do you want to learn how to get more control of problems at work and home simply by using your words? Would you like to enter 2016 feeling like you are working less and enjoying yourself more? Develop effective YES communication skills through my 8-week coaching program "A Yes Life By The Holidays!" and start using the power of words to remove conflict from your life and get what you want.

Starts Monday, October 12 - a few spots left!


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Next Networking Dinner - Thursday, November 12

Lt.Gen. Mills

I am honored to welcome Lieutenant General Richard Mills, commander of the Marine Forces Reserve and Marine Forces North. He has commanded at every level from platoon to division and Marine Expeditionary Force. Throughout these experiences, including combat deployments to Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan, he has honed an innate ability to inspire others and help them find the best in themselves, especially during times of conflict and fear.

Lieutenant General Richard P. Mills

This exclusive evening will sell out VERY fast! Join us to hear the general’s thoughts on operating outside our comfort zones and how he has evolved in his own life as he transitions to his next career.
Read more about the General, the networking dinner and purchase your tickets HERE.

Yours in uncovering your powerful voice,


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