I welcome the opportunity to bring valuable personal wellness tools and inspiration to women who are experiencing big shifts in their lives. Whether


I welcome the opportunity to bring valuable personal wellness tools and inspiration to women who are experiencing big shifts in their lives.
Whether these shifts are imposed by the hand life deals us, or freely chosen as a natural part of growing and evolving, it is a great pleasure to be of service to strong, beautiful, smart, courageous women


Hello there!!

Well, daylight saving time ends this coming weekend, and so does October. As we begin the stretch into shorter days and longer nights, who are you in the process of becoming, I wonder? What will make your life more fun and exciting? How can you add more vibrancy - more light - to your life? And to the lives of others?

Ahhh yes. These are the things...to contemplate in hibernation.

Be well,


In this newsletter:

A 3-Part Practice Worth Doing: Three fun and helpful things to do every day for your personal wellness.

Heart Rhythms in Wolfville: Space is limited to about 8 - 10 women. Sunday morning, November 22nd.

Moon Salutations in Mineville. My friend Judy Hamilton is offering this special, full moon event on Thursday evening, November 26th.

Personal Wellness Life Coaching: Private coaching by phone with me.


A 3-Part Practice Worth Doing

A few weeks ago, I was channel surfing at the house of friends while they were away. They have a lot of channels! On one, Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love was being interviewed. At the end of the interview, she offered three things which she does on a daily basis that caught my attention. So, I started doing them. They are quite fun. I believe they are worthy of passing on to you. Here they are...

1. Each morning, ask: What do I really, really, really want?

Elizabeth says saying "really" three times is very important. It's easy to take a casual approach to such matters. Zooming right in to the root of what matters to you helps you to raise your awareness at the thought level, which in turn helps you to move your life in the direction of what really, really, really matters to you.

One of my examples: I really, really, really want to nourish myself spiritually today by being one with nature, Get thee to a beach, dear one!

2. Each night, identify the happiest moment of the day.

This is a different take on the more common practice of listing things you are most grateful for at the end of the day. Simply, reflect on your day, and pick the happiest moment. I like to then sit with the memory of it a bit, too. Nice practice that provides concrete examples of ways to feel and be happy. Now. From within.

One of my examples: Sitting in the audience watching a dear friend successfully bring to fruition a very ambitious project that she had worked very hard at perfecting for a long time.

3. Change your mantra

I'm a real believer in changing our thoughts to change our lives, and variations on that theme. Paying attention to the limiting beliefs that replay in our minds is a good first step. Once identified, change the record. Choose a new mantra and create a new pathway in your brain that is better suited to you living your best life.

One of my examples: Here I go again. Making the same bad choices and getting the same results again and again. It will never be different. Change my mantra to: I am making better choices. Right here. Right now.


Heart Rhythms is coming to Wolfville!!

Heart Rhythms Picture-A

Exploring matters of the heart with Heather in Wolfville

Heart Rhythms was first offered at Gabrielle's on Todd's Island this past April. In September, another group of strong, beautiful, courageous women participated in Heart Rhythms at Jayne's in Lantz.

In November, Heart Rhythms is being offered a third time at Jerusha's in Wolfville. Are you coming?

Sunday, November 22, 2015.
Workshop is 9:30 AM until 12:30 PM.
Then we will share a pot luck lunch.
Fee is $60.

What women have said about the HEART RHYTHMS workshop:

A new experience for me ... heart warming ... very pleasant ... loving ... opening ... empowering ... exciting ... awesome!!
Wonderful group experience.
Met amazing people.
Really great spot with good energy.
It was a great afternoon!
Thank you for mostly doing, rather than a talking or instructing workshop.
You hold a very safe container for all to participate.
Have more workshops like this.

Click here to see the poster.

Click here to register with Jerusha.


Moon Salutations in Mineville

Are you into yoga flows? Love moving to the beat of a drum? Top it all off with a full moon? Well then...

On Thursday November 26 at 6:30 pm. you are invited to a special, full moon event at Osprey Retreat Yoga Studio.

Come join us in a meditative yoga flow of Moon Salutations, or Chanrda Namaskar, accompanied by the soothing rhythm of live drums and vocals by Heather Pentz.

Suitable for anyone with beginner yoga experience.

Fee: $10.

Register early. Space is limited.

Click here to e-mail Judy.
Or call her at 902-829-4094.

Judy Hamilton
AED, Kripalu RYT, Reiki Master
Osprey Retreat Yoga Studio


Personal Wellness Life Coaching

Certified hi-res

Package of 3 Sessions - $90
Package of 6 Sessions - $175
Single Sessions - $40

These rates are in effect until December 31, 2015.

Sessions are conducted by phone.
Each session is one hour.
All sessions are confidential.
Where appropriate, coaching sessions are drum-assisted.

My website has more details.


Some people just love to reinvent themselves. It's not that we're not happy with what we have now or that we necessarily want more. It's just human nature to kind of go toward the light, and that means making changes and working on issues. I used to think "If I have to work on any more issues...!" but I don't feel that way anymore. I think that's life. That's evolving and growing. And that's exciting."
- Heather Pentz