Fluorescent Painted Bronze Mesh An excellent new type of wire-mesh from United Wire, Scotland inspired me to sculpt a number of expressive, suspended

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Fluorescent Painted Bronze Mesh

An excellent new type of wire-mesh from United Wire, Scotland inspired me to sculpt a number of expressive, suspended torsos in pure bronze mesh - and to also launch into colour including fluorescents. Bronze has a superb surface for the colour paints - I think the results speak for themselves.

Before most of the new sculptures are sent out to exhibitions across the globe there's a chance to visit the studio and see the real thing - bring sunglasses or be dazzled! Viewing possible up until 12th July only. Alternatively ask me for more details/images by E-Mail or simply give me a call at the studio.
For these new series of colourful torsos I decided on two sizes - life size (height around 85cm) and just under (around 65cm) - more details on my website with a few video impressions!


CHROMB (blue), TINTO (orange) and CHROMO (red) 2015


CHROMOS 2015 (green), CHROMR (red) and CHROME (yellow) 2015


New Exhibitions


Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden Newsletter 2015. In the picture: TUUSUM, bronzemesh.

Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden Summer 2015

Hannah opened her fabulous sculpture garden this month and I strongly recommend a visit to see an impressive collection of outdoor sculpture as well as the truly wonderful gardens designed by Anthony Paul. Read more in their recent newsletter!


Continuum Gallery, Germany
I am delighted to now be working with Magdalena and Wictor Borowski in Königswinter near Köln/Bonn. Their excellent gallery Continuum amid landscaped as well as natural countryside exhibits sculpture alongside exquisite glass art. Visit by appointment only.


Galerie Juliane Hundertmark, Berlin
After my solo exhibition here a selection of sculpture can still be viewed, alongside Juliane's own exceptional paintings. I am happy to continue to exhibit my work in Berlin.


Vecchiato Arte, Padova - in the picture ICON, bronzemesh

Vecchiato Arte, Italy

I can't wait to visit Padua again, a beautiful city - for the opening of my forthcoming solo exhibition, 16 October - 13 November 2015. An exhibition book will also be available from October.


Jan Ebers, Joris van Loon with "CUMULUS" at 8 Northumberland, Trafalgar Square

Van Loon Galleries,
The Netherlands

is staging the next "Biennal in Tilburg", 5 - 22 November, where examples of my sculpture will be on show. Van Loon Galleries will also present a solo exhibition of my sculpture in January 2016.

Ongoing Exhibitions


YNUD - copper steelmesh sculpture at Lilford Gallery

Lilford Gallery, Canterbury

David Lilford invited me to exhibit in his gallery which is impressively laid out over two floors.
PS The Canterbury Art Festival takes place 17 - 31 October 2015.


Plateaux Gallery, Mayfair - London

Set in the heart of Mayfair Leo Duvall presents the finest glass artefacts and combines it with my transparent sculpture to achieve an exquisite result - definitely worth a visit whilst in Mayfair.

In the picture: NUUDIS sculpture, wall-mounted.


"Level 52" Malmö and "KNUD" - steelmesh sculpture with a view!

Level 52, a new exhibition space located in Malmö, Sweden where I am exhibiting with Timeless Gallery Group - also in Marbella, Trelleborg, Miami and Gdynia, Poland.


The World According to Bede

Just to remind you all that you can see major examples of my sculpture permanently on show.

Bede's World with my portrait WORLDSAPART (photos of the making of the huge portrait here)

Museum Beelden an Zee, The Netherlands and

the Natural History Museum, London with ORIGINS.



Video documentary 1994 by Philip Richardson - Pogo Films

Trip down Memory (Brick) Lane!
My video collection demonstrates the exploration of wire-mesh as a fine-art medium, stretching back to my early years and artistic life in and around Brick Lane, London.

Video ’Steel Canvas’, a 16 mm art documentary from 1994 by the London International Film School, Produced by Philip Richardson.
A more recent, award-winning video production is Jonathan Cronin's ’Mostly Empty Space’ (5 minutes, 2013).


Interactive Video 2015, 8 Northumberland, London

In this promotion video from 8 Northumberland 2015 you can literally wander beneath and around my abstract ceiling-mounted sculpture series in painted bronze mesh.
I am currently working on a second series entitled CIRRII for another aspect of the same venue.

Recent Exhibitions


Robert Burns Portraits 2015

"The Real Face of Burns"
Robert Burns Birthplace Museum /Ayr / Scotland has just finished.

The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum and many invited artists contributed to this multi-media exhibition. Thanks to Sheilagh Tennant, Artruist for inviting me to exhibit my portrait "‘BURNS‘" in steel panel, limited edition.
For information or enquiries about steel panel portrait sculpture please contact me at the studio.

Also Ongoing

I am currently exhibiting with the following galleries

Plateaux Gallery
HUS Galleries
Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden
Lilford Gallery
Somerville Gallery
Denise Salvestro, Australia
Hooke Gallery, Sag Harbor, New York, USA
Ode to Art, Singapore

ArtCatto, Portugal
Continuum, Germany
Juliane Hundertmark, Berlin
Irrgang, Germany
Opiom, France
Galleri New Form, Trelleborg, Sweden
Minerva, Malmö, Sweden
Timeless Galleries, Spain
Van Loon Galleries, The Netherlands
Vecchiato, Italy


Many thanks to United Wire


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