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Digital Neuropsychological Assessment: New Technology for Measuring Subtle Neuropsychological Behavior

Guest Editors: David J. Libon, Ganesh Baliga, Rod Swenson, Rhoda Au

Introduction Extract::
"Coupling digital technology with traditional paper and pencil neuropsychological tests may be a way to flag or identify subtle neuropsychological alterations before patients actually meet current diagnostic criteria for either MCI or dementia, such as AD or vascular dementia. However, to realize the full potential of digital technology to identify emergent pre-dementia and dementia syndromes at least two requirements should be met. First, digitally administered tests should be able to uncover and measure behavior not otherwise obtainable using standard paper and pencil tests. Second, this behavior should be used to operationally define neurocognitive constructs known to underlie pre-dementia and dementia syndromes. The five papers that comprise this special topic project fulfill both requirements."

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Indexed in: PubMed/MEDLINE Web of Science Scopus

Volume 82, Issue 1 / 2021 Online

Digital Neuropsychological Assessment: New Technology for Measuring Subtle Neuropsychological BehaviorOpenly Available
Libon, David J. | Baliga, Ganesh | Swenson, Rod | Au, Rhoda

Neurocognitive Constructs Underlying Executive Control in Statistically-Determined Mild Cognitive Impairment
Emrani, Sheina | Lamar, Melissa | Price, Catherine | Baliga, Satya | Wasserman, Victor | Matusz, Emily F. | Saunders, Johnathan | Gietka, Vaughn | Strate, James | Swenson, Rod | et al.

Digital Technology Differentiates Graphomotor and Information Processing Speed Patterns of Behavior (View Press Release)
Andersen, Stacy L. | Sweigart, Benjamin | Glynn, Nancy W. | Wojczynski, Mary K. | Thyagarajan, Bharat | Mengel-From, Jonas | Thielke, Stephen | Perls, Thomas T. | Libon, David J. | et al.

Digital Speech Analysis in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Corticobasal Syndromes
Parjane, Natalia | Cho, Sunghye | Ash, Sharon | Cousins, Katheryn A.Q. | Shellikeri, Sanjana | Liberman, Mark | Shaw, Leslie M. | Irwin, David J. | Grossman, Murray | Nevler, Naomi

Classifying Non-Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease/Vascular Dementia Patients Using Kinematic, Time-Based, and Visuospatial Parameters: The Digital Clock Drawing Test
Davoudi, Anis | Dion, Catherine | Amini, Shawna | Tighe, Patrick J. | Price, Catherine C. | Libon, David J. | Rashidi, Parisa

Normative References for Graphomotor and Latency Digital Clock Drawing Metrics for Adults Age 55 and Older: Operationalizing the Production of a Normal Appearing Clock
Davoudi, Anis | Dion, Catherine | Formanski, Erin | Frank, Brandon E. | Amini, Shawna | Matusz, Emily F. | Wasserman, Victor | Penney, Dana | Davis, Randall | Rashidi, Parisa | et al.

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Indexed in: PubMed/MEDLINE Web of Science Scopus

Volume 82, Issue 1 / 2021 Online

Insulin Resistance as a Common Link Between Current Alzheimer’s Disease Hypotheses
Alves, Suélen Santos | Silva-Junior, Rui Milton Patrício da | Servilha-Menezes, Gabriel | Homolak, Jan | Šalković-Petrišić, Melita | Garcia-Cairasco, Norberto

Facilitators, Challenges, and Messaging Strategies for Hispanic/Latino Populations Participating in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Clinical Research: A Literature Review
Massett, Holly A. | Mitchell, Alexandra K. | Alley, Leah | Simoneau, Elizabeth | Burke, Panne | Han, Sae H. | Gallop-Goodman, Gerda | McGowan, Melissa

Neuroimaging in the Oldest-Old: A Review of the Literature
Woodworth, Davis C. | Scambray, Kiana A. | Corrada, María M. | Kawas, Claudia H. | Sajjadi, S. Ahmad

The Protective Mechanism of SIRT1 in the Regulation of Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Mitochondrial Autophagy in Alzheimer’s Disease
Ye, Fan | Wu, Anshi

Association of Midlife Depressive Symptoms with Regional Amyloid-β and Tau in the Framingham Heart Study (View Press Release)
Gonzales, Mitzi M. | Samra, Jasmeet | O’Donnell, Adrienne | Mackin, R. Scott | Salinas, Joel | Jacob, Mini | Satizabal, Claudia L. | Aparicio, Hugo J. | Thibault, Emma G. | et al.

Urban Air Pollution Nanoparticles from Los Angeles: Recently Decreased Neurotoxicity
Zhang, Hongqiao | D’Agostino, Carla | Forman, Henry Jay | Cacciottolo, Mafalda | Thorwald, Max | Mack, William J. | Liu, Qinghai | Shkirkova, Kristina | Lamorie-Foote, Krista | Sioutas, Constantinos | et al.

In Vivo Amyloid, Neurodegeneration, and Verbal Learning in Late Middle-Aged Hispanics
Tahmi, Mouna | Rippon, Brady | Palta, Priya | Sherwood, Greysi | Hernandez, Gabriela | Soto, Luisa | Ceballos, Fernando | Pardo, Michelle | Laing, Krystal | Igwe, Kay | He, Hengda | et al.

Self-Reported Dementia-Related Diagnosis Underestimates the Prevalence of Older Americans Living with Possible Dementia
McGrath, Ryan | Robinson-Lane, Sheria G. | Clark, Brian C. | Suhr, Julie A. | Giordani, Bruno J. | Vincent, Brenda M.

Baseline Neurodegeneration Influences the Longitudinal Effects of Tau on Cognition
Ng, Kok Pin | Cheng, Grand H.-L. | Yatawara, Chathuri | Rosa-Neto, Pedro | Gauthier, Serge | Kandiah, Nagaendran | for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

Relationship of Homocysteine Plasma Levels with Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer’s Disease, Vascular Dementia, Psychobehavioral, and Functional ComplicationsOpen Access
Lauriola, Michele | D’Onofrio, Grazia | Ciccone, Filomena | Germano, Carmela | Cascavilla, Leandro | Paris, Francesco | Greco, Antonio

Assessment of the Psychological Burden Among Family Caregivers of People Living with Alzheimer’s Disease Using the Zarit Burden Interview
Yin, Xuejun | Xie, Qixing | Huang, Lieyu | Liu, Liming | Armstrong, Elizabeth | Zhen, Miaomiao | Ni, Jingnian | Shi, Jing | Tian, Jingzhou | Cheng, Wei

Clinical Phenotypes of Behavioral Variant Frontotemporal Dementia by Age at OnsetOpen Access
Fieldhouse, Jay L.P. | Gossink, Flora T. | Feenstra, Thomas C. | de Boer, Sterre C.M. | Lemstra, Afina W. | Prins, Niels D. | Bouwman, Femke | Koene, Ted | Rhodius-Meester, Hanneke F.M. | et al.

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Indexed in: PubMed/MEDLINE Web of Science Scopus

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Spiritual Fitness: A New Dimension in Alzheimer’s Disease PreventionOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.80, Iss.2, 2021) (View Press Release)
Khalsa, Dharma Singh | Newberg, Andrew B.

Neurobiology of COVID-19Openly Available (Review Article in Vol.76, Iss.1, 2020)
Fotuhi, Majid | Mian, Ali | Meysami, Somayeh | Raji, Cyrus A.

COVID-19: Review of a 21st Century Pandemic from Etiology to Neuro-psychiatric ImplicationsOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.77, Iss.2, 2020)
Yamamoto, Vicky | Bolanos, Joe F. | Fiallos, John | Strand, Susanne E. | Morris, Kevin | Shahrokhinia, Sanam | Cushing, Tim R. | Hopp, Lawrence | Tiwari, Ambooj | Hariri, Robert | et al.

Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation as a Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease: A Pilot StudyOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.80, Iss.3, 2021)
Cuttler, Jerry M. | Abdellah, Eslam | Goldberg, Yael | Al-Shamaa, Sarmad | Symons, Sean P. | Black, Sandra E. | Freedman, Morris

Dementia and COVID-19, a Bidirectional Liaison: Risk Factors, Biomarkers, and Optimal Health CareOpenly Available (Research Article in pre-press, 2021)
Toniolo, Sofia | Scarioni, Marta | Di Lorenzo, Francesco | Hort, Jakub | Georges, Jean | Tomic, Svetlana | Nobili, Flavio | Frederiksen, Kristian S. | et al.

Economic Burden of Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia in JapanOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.81, Iss.1, 2021)
Ikeda, Shunya | Mimura, Masaru | Ikeda, Manabu | Wada-Isoe, Kenji | Azuma, Mie | Inoue, Sachie | Tomita, Kiyoyuki

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