February 2019

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!


President's Message

January is infamous for uncertain weather and 2019 is continuing the tradition, although it hasn’t been as bad as December 2018. We are facing new opportunities as we begin our relationship with ACS West as our managing agent. The most significant change for all Birkdale homeowners is the collection of quarterly assessments. The new relationship has gotten off to a very good start and follow-up and reminder letters have been mailed.

February is the shortest month of the year but in many ways, it is often one of the most important. This is the month we really start formulating plans for the year. So, whether your view of February is the Super Bowl, Daytona 500, Valentine’s Day, or baseball spring training; or looking ahead to March Madness, the Masters, or Spring Break; it is time to plan for the year. Landscaping and home maintenance planning begin in February. This is true for the association and should be for all residents. The landscaping committee is evaluating the condition of common areas and other areas of enhancement. So, each of us homeowners should be doing the same. How are your plants doing, do your beds need mulch replenishment, and do you have plans for flower beds? Does your house need a touch up? Whether power washing, painting, roofing, or wood replacement are needed; now is the time to plan. And don’t forget the infamous Birkdale Mailbox.

Covenant enforcement has been minimized during the winter as we changed management, but it will soon be renewed. Everyone needs to be aware of the covenants and ARC Standards in which we all concur, and we need compliance. If there are questions about these, the New Member Package on the website should be consulted. The most common infractions are trash cans placed at the curb (12 were recently noted) ; trailers, RVs or commercial vehicles parked illegally, and poor landscaping especially fallen limbs. The annual inspection will be done in the Spring, but the committee would be very happy to have no findings.

Why are these items important? The value and marketability of real estate in Birkdale is enhanced by the overall appearance of the neighborhood – common areas and individual homes. We want everyone to take pride in Birkdale and work together.

On behalf of the Board, we look forward to serving the community in 2019.

Earl Bishop, President


Birkdale Community Association Board Meeting

The next Board Meeting will be February 7th

6 pm at the Birkdale Clubhouse

Birkdale Golf Club, 8511 Royal Birkdale Drive, Chesterfield, VA 23832

All community members are welcome and encouraged to attend.


I. WELCOME AND CALL TO ORDER (Earl Bishop - President)
II. ROLL CALL AND QUORUM STATUS (Betsy Martello – Secretary)
III. APPROVAL OF AGENDA (Earl Bishop – President)
IV. SET ADJOURNMENT TIME (Earl Bishop – President)
V. APPROVAL OF MINUTES (November 14, 2018, Regular Meeting)



a. President (Earl Bishop)

b. Treasurer (Betsy Martello)

c. Management (Lee Ann King)

d. ARC (Lee Kemmet)

e. Covenants Committee

f. Grounds Committee (Wayne Bass)

g. Lake Committee (Derek Evans)

h. Social Committee (Anne Haring)

i. Communications (Cynthia Steiner)

a. Ratification of telephonic/electronic votes on November 26, 2018
a. MOTION: Spring Run Fence Payment
b. MOTION: Winterpock Entrance Lease
c. MOTION: Authorization of foreclosure for Equity Experts account 8924
d. MOTION: Winterpock Road Right-of-Way Easement
e. Ratification of telephonic/electronic vote on December 4, 2018
MOTION: Authorization of foreclosure for Equity Experts account 6146


a. RESOLUTION 2019-1: Association Complaint Procedures
b. Audit, Income Tax Returns Contract (December 31, 2018, 2019, and 2020)




• May 4, 2019 Birkdale Yard Sale
• May 9, 2019 Birkdale Board Meeting, Birkdale Golf Club, 6 PM

*Audience members are welcome to address the Board during the Member Voice segment of the meeting. This section is intended to provide audience members an opportunity to give input to the Board of Directors. The Board will take any input under advisement but may not respond immediately as they proceed with the planned business of the Association. The Board reserves the right to limit this section of the meeting to a time they believe is appropriate.



Feb 7th - Board Meeting

May 4th - Yard Sale (with Goodwill truck at SRES)

May 9th - Board Meeting

Aug 8th - Board Meeting

Oct 3rd - Annual Meeting

Oct 5th - Yard Sale (with Goodwill truck at SRES)

Oct 6th - Fall Festival (tentative)

Nov 14th - Board Meeting


Treasurer's Report January 2019


Birkdale’s new managing company, ACS West, sent all homeowners new coupon payment books as well as information about how/where to pay your quarterly assessments. Assessments of $101 per quarter or $404 per year are due on January 1, April 1, July1, and October 1, 2019. All debit and credit balances on your accounts were transferred from Associa/Community Group to ACS West on December 31, 2018.

link to: ACS WEST


Please contact ACS West: email address is admin@acswest.org or call 804-282-7451.


If you have been using automatic payments to Associa/Community Group through your bank or credit card, please STOP them. If you wish to make automatic payments to ACS West, the new managing company provided several payment options in their December mailing to residents. If you have any questions, please contact ACS West, 804-282-7451.


With the transition to our new management company, ACS West, and subsequent changes in payment procedures, 80% of Birkdale residents paid their January 2019 assessments on time! Thank you! If you haven’t yet made your payment, please bring your account current.


Contact Betsy Martello, Treasurer, 804-739-7487, or, betsy@martellofamily.com.



At this time there is not a current financial statement. ACS West is waiting to get the end of the year financials from Community Group.


News from the Architectural Review Committee


January has been a cold and wet month. We continue to have the same weather as last year........very wet. During bad weather, please slow down when driving in the neighborhood because several mailboxes have been hit lately.

It seems there has been a smooth transition between the new ACS West community group taking over and the requests that have been submitted. No problems so far.

I want to thank the Community for their cooperation as we transfer to a new community group. We look forward to better service.

Applications submitted to ARC for approval:

9149 Stonecreek Club Place - Fence
8308 Houghton Place - Playscape
8602 Royal Birkdale Drive - Fence
8600 Emerald Valley Circle - Terrace & Firepit
8912 Gannon Court - Landscape (tree)

Applications for ARC can be located on our website at www.birkdaleonline.com

link to: ACS WEST

Lee Kemmet
ARC committee

Mailbox Maintenance

When painting your mailbox, Lowe’s on Hull Street has the equivalent paint color as Benjamin Moore which is Lowe's - Valspar, Quart, 372, Birkdale Vanilla Cookie, Exterior Satin, Duramax, 105-1, 107-1, 214-2.5. For your metal mailbox, Cottage Red Benjamin Moore is available at Virginia Paint.

The Birkdale logo and numbers may be purchased from Sign Crafters Inc., Attn: Barbara Isenberg, 804-379-2004 or email bisenberg@sign-crafters.com OR from Pat Faivre, our Birkdale resident, who has maintained mailboxes in Birkdale for several years, 804-608-0418 or Faivre.pat@gmail.com.


Covenants Committee


A Volunteer is needed to lead the Covenants Committee.

If you would like to learn more about the duties involved for this position or volunteer to lead or serve on the Covenants Committee, contact Earl Bishop or any other board member.

If there is something you would like the committee to look into, there is a form “Rules Violation Complaint” on the website. Simply fill it out and send it to a committee member - we will check it out for you and your information will be kept confidential. We rely on all neighbors to do their part to keep their properties maintained, and if they see a violation to report it. Thank you for doing your part to make Birkdale a community we can be proud to call home.


Things to Remember- Landscape and Lighting

▪ Absolutely NO DUMPING-Do not drag brush and clippings or debris into the common areas to include the area surrounding the power lines behind Royal Birkdale. Remember, those areas belong to you and to me as property owners.
▪ Do not park on the green spaces in Birkdale.
▪ NO FIRES whatsoever. Fires require a permit from Chesterfield County. It is not appropriate to burn any vegetation in common areas and cause alarm to nearby homeowners.
Absolutely NO DUMPING-Do not drag brush and clippings or debris into the common areas to include the area surrounding the power lines behind Royal Birkdale. Remember, those areas belong to you and to me as property owners.
Do not park on the green spaces in Birkdale.
NO FIRES whatsoever. Fires require a permit from Chesterfield County. It is not appropriate to burn any vegetation in common areas and cause alarm to nearby homeowners.

If you have any problems or complaints regarding common areas, please call Wayne Bass at 804-639-0795.


If residents observe a problem with a gas light such as smell of gas, or no light at night, please call Nick Martello at 804-739-7487.


February School Schedule

Friday, February 15th is a 3 hour early release day for students, and schools will be closed Presidents Day- Monday, February 18th

school calendar

Neighborhood Watch


Any suspicious activity should always be reported to the local police to investigate.

Bear and fox sightings should be reported to the Animal Control number.

Emergency 911 | Non-emergency 804-748-1251

Animal Control 748-1683

Traffic Hotline 804-318-8084 or speeding@chesterfield.gov


What's Happening In and Around Birkdale:


Its Cold out There!

Here are some tips from James River Heating and Air on how to protect your pipes this winter.

Frozen Pipes – 20 minutes can save you thousands of dollars & a major headache. These simple steps can help you prevent frozen pipes when the temperatures plummet.

The pipes most at risk are those in unheated interior spaces such as basements, attics, and garages. But even pipes running through cabinets or exterior walls can freeze. The good news is there are some easy things you can do to keep your water running and your house dry.

• Keep your garage doors closed, especially if there are water supply lines in the garage.
• Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. (If you have small children or pets, be sure to remove any harmful cleaners and household chemicals.)
• Let the cold water drip from a faucet served by exposed pipes. Running water through the pipe—even at a trickle—helps prevent pipes from freezing. And if the pipes do freeze, the release pressure in the water system will reduce the likelihood of a rupture.
• If you normally turn the thermostat down at night, don’t do it during frigid temperatures. Keep the thermostat set to the same temperature both during the day and at night.
Don’t forget your outdoor faucets.
In frosty temperatures, the outdoor water spigots installed on the wall of your home can easily freeze and burst. Unfortunately, the rupture in the pipe often occurs just inside the walls of your home, where it can lead to water damage if not quickly spotted. But it’s easy to prevent this problem with a couple of winterizing steps.
• The first preventive step is to disconnect garden hoses. A hose that remains attached to the faucet may prevent residual water from draining. This trapped water can then freeze and cause the faucet to burst.
• The next step is to install an outdoor faucet cover over each spigot on your home. These cost less than $10 each and can be purchased at local hardware stores and home improvement centers. They are very easy to install and are cheap insurance against potentially costly damage.
• If you want to take an extra precaution and your home has a separate shut-off for external faucets, turn it off and drain the water from those faucets.
• Turn off and drain sprinkler systems. You may want to call your professional service provider to find out the best steps for your particular system.
Here’s how to thaw frozen pipes if you wake up to problems.
If you turn on a faucet and only a trickle comes out, it’s likely a frozen pipe. There are a couple of steps you can take to try to solve the problem yourself.
• Keep the faucet open. As you treat the frozen pipe and the frozen area begins to melt, water will begin to flow through the frozen area. Running water through the pipe will help melt ice in the pipe.
• To find the frozen section, just feel for where it is colder than the rest of the pipe. Apply heat to the section of pipe that is frozen, using an electric heating pad wrapped around the pipe, an electric hair dryer, a portable space heater (kept away from flammable materials), or by wrapping pipes with towels soaked in hot water. DO NOT use a blowtorch, kerosene or propane heater, charcoal stove, or other open flame device.
• Keep applying heat until full water pressure is restored. Check all other faucets in your home to find out if you have additional frozen pipes. If one pipe freezes, others may freeze, too.

Call James River Air if you are unable to locate the frozen area, if the frozen area is not accessible, or if you cannot thaw the pipe.

What to do if you have a burst pipe?

When a pipe ruptures, act quickly to prevent as much water damage as possible until you can get professional help from a plumber.
• If the rupture is near electrical fittings or cables, turn off power to the area.
• Turn off the water supply.
• If hot water is leaking from the pipe, turn off the supply valve coming from the water heater.
• If your pipes aren’t frozen, open the faucets to drain the water. If the burst pipe is frozen, repairs need to be made before it is thawed.

Caution: If you need to drain the water from your pipes, first turn off your water heater according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

We hope that these simple preventive steps will save you from having any problems. But if you do end up with frozen or burst pipes that you cannot fix, our experienced plumbers are ready to come get your pipes running properly. Just give us a call at (804) 358-9333!


Lake Committee

lake Aug 2018

Birkdale Lake Report

If you would like to serve on this committee or have suggestions/comments, please contact Derek at the email below.

Derek Evans
C - 400-2295


Stay Active with Chesterfield Parks and Recreation!

Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation

Chesterfield Baptist Church

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9 am -3:30 pm

16530 Hull St Road, Moseley, VA. 23120

Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation Department’s 50+ Active Lifestyles program staff strives to provide quality leisure activities and services. These activities are designed to assist, inform, entertain, enhance and enrich the lives of Chesterfield County’s citizens 50 and over. So, at a time when the older adult population is growing at such a rapid rate - 66 million by 2025 - it’s no surprise that Chesterfield Parks and Recreation 50+ Active Lifestyles locations are playing their part to serve the needs and desires of this growing population.

We offer a variety of programs, activities and classes in effort to help older adults remain healthy and vital parts of their communities. Our 2019 January-April brochure will feature new fitness (SilverSneakers Cert. Instructor), health and wellness workshops, educational and art classes, field trips/tours, volunteer/mentoring opportunities, special events and much, much more.

Please visit: https://www.chesterfield.gov/990/50-Active-Lifestyles for more information or contact:
Kate Sheehan – Recreation Specialist
804-339-2877 direct

IMG 4112

Little Libraries

Many thanks to everyone who has helped keep the Birkdale Little Libraries up and running. We’ve had a constant rotation of great reads for kids and adults alike! If you have some great books to share, please leave them at the gazebo on Royal Birkdale or at the new location on Killarney Court. As you finish a book this month- think Little Library! Please continue to let your neighbors know that the Little Libraries are located in the gazebo on Royal Birkdale Drive and Killarney Court, and are full of great books of all kinds.

Take one, read one, leave one…it’s free for everyone!


Please Serve on our Committees


Want to participate on a committee? This is a great way to meet and work with neighbors for a common goal: helping our community. We are currently looking for Neighborhood Watch, Covenants and Social Committee chairs.

Please send a message to this newsletter with your interests or contact any Board member, and the BCA will gladly and willingly find a place to use your talents! Many thanks!



We are alway looking for residents willing to lend their time and talents to help make Birkdale the community we are all proud to live in. We are grateful to the many kind folks in Birkdale willing to help with committees and social activities, and serving on the Board of Directors. It takes many hands to successfully execute the duties of our Birkdale Community Association for the benefit of all the residents of our 657 homes.



Community Contact List

The Birkdale Board Members
* Earl Bishop, President, 639-5915, earlbishop8313@gmail.com
* Doug Craig, Vice President, 639-1439, cckcraig@aol.com
* Betsy Martello, Secretary/Treasurer, 739-7487, betsy@martellofamily.com
* Wayne Bass, Member-at -Large, 639-0795
*ACS West, Community Manager, 804-282-7451, fax 804-282-9590, E-mail: admin@acswest.org

Association Contact Names and Numbers
* ARC—Lee Kemmet, 739-6405, clkem5@comcast.net
* Covenants Committee--- a volunteer is needed to head this committee
* Landscaping/Lighting—Wayne Bass, 639-0795; Nick Martello, 739-7487
* Newsletter—Cynthia Steiner, 804-852-3365, newsletter@birkdaleonline.com
* Social Committee—VACANT
* Neighborhood Watch--VACANT (Won't you please put your name here?)

Other Community Contact Names and Numbers
* Women’s Club—currently inactive
* Lake Committee---Derek Evans 804-400-2295, husker19642002@yahoo.com
* Swim Team— Krista Gutzwiller, bcbarracudaswimming@gmail.com
* Birkdale Golf Course Clubhouse, 739-8800, www.acumengolf.com
* Birkdale Golf/Swim Membership, hospitality@acumengolf.com


Support your Neighborhood and Local Businesses who Advertise in the Birkdale Classifieds

Are you looking to hire a landscape service to help with yard work, an electrician or an handyman to get that to do list started, or to get a coupon to a local restaurant? Look no further than the Birkdale Classifieds to find residents and local businesses that can help. To view the current issue of the Birkdale Classifieds click the link below. This publication is printed and delivered to paper boxes of all Birkdale residents the first week of each month. If you would like to run an ad in the Birkdale Classifieds, contact Cynthia Steiner at classifieds@birkdaleonline.com. Resident rates start as low as $15/month.

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