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January 2020


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Flock news from the large featherless being....

Wow. A whole new year AND a whole new decade.

It's a lot to take in all at once - and amazing to realize we are already nearly a month into it!

We also made a surprise MOVE earlier this month - four days of total chaos that landed us in a new quiet lovely space with room for all. Yay!

As of month-end, we are finally starting to settle in...if by "settle in" we mean claim and customize all the abundance of new unexplored nesting sites before all the other manly manbirds find them!

Bruce is deep into his long winter nap at this point. His mama is relieved. This year's hibernation got off to a rocky start and it was hard on him. Box turtle hibernation is not for amateurs - it can be dangerous under the best of conditions, which doesn't describe how this winter began.

But he is finally asleep now, no doubt dreaming of meeting loads of single lady turtles eager to make baby box turtles with bright orange cheek patches.

Speaking of lady box turtles, have you watched Bruce's new video series yet? You won't want to miss it (don't worry we'll make sure you don't - just keep reading down below).

Unfortunately for Pearl, Malti is still shell down and one to go. However, Malti's mommy is very happy to have her sweet little couch cuddle buddy by her side for the rest of the cold season.

If you've been following along for the past month or few, you probably remember this is the year Malti got her big girl tortoise door on her indoor habitat. The tortoise door is a big hit!

For her mama, it is always invigorating to come home, see the tortoise door wide open and spend the next half hour playing a rousing game of "Find the Tortoise" - never mind that our casa is the size of your average walk-in closet. Malti is already really great at this game and she is only going to get better.

As for our flock's feathery and fetching "alpha" flock member, well, there is no polite way to say it - apparently winter is the season o' love (along with summer, fall and spring).

Pearl is in full-on nesting mode this winter, despite two birdie hormone injections designed to help him switch off his nesting instincts for the winter. Even as I type this, he is nestled down deep in the center of the wicker basket his grandma gave him, twittering sweetly to himself as he rearranges the tissue paper into the softest, poshest nesting spot.

Which, of course, is really, really cute.

As for me, I am eager to see what my 49th year on this small round blue planet has in store for all of us. My New Year's intention is "Heal. Brave. Evolve. Serve." It feels right so I'm going with it.

And I have plenty of creative ideas in the works for our little flock and YOU - stay glued to our Instagram for breaking news and, of course, I will be telling you all about it in our monthly updates here. :-)

So grateful for YOU in our extended flock in this New Year!


Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon


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