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Greetings from China.

Last week I was telling you about Black Birds and Worms (I should have mentioned more about the Bee's) and some crazy business theology. You can read about it here.

In a nutshell, a business is its people. Of course the products are essential, but without the people they are something in a box. Three types of people. The Bee's who pollinate and grows the business, the Black Bird that sounds sweet but only eats the fruit, and the worm that secretly is destroying the roots of your business. One question unasked last week. In your business, are you (this applies to the boss also) a Bird, a Bee or a Worm? It's the fruit (growth) on your tree that is the answer.

All this talk about the end of austerity, from here in China looks a bit odd. The idea that we just spend more money and all will be alright is a bit crazy, because someone has to pay that back and that later generation will be burdened more. Now the UK has the worst productivity figures in years, why? nobody can quite answer - so it must be a number of reasons - nothing is really that simple. The answers a) End Austerity and spend - happy now, pain later or b) More Austerity - cuts and controls - not happy now, probably lower productivity and who knows if it will work.

Here in China (I think) they have the solution... Think of the most audacious massive huge magnificent infrastructure projects possible and put the money here, don't worry this is money you can borrow because it is an investment in growth, and will pay for it'self in the long run, whilst providing jobs (lots of them) now and a much better world for the future. A billion dollars a day invested in superfast railways, across China (is just one of many investments). Whole regions of China have bloomed and blossomed by improved links.
Get people active and moving with infrastructure investments, create a better world.

Talking of infrastructure projects
I have been to Wuzhen.. maybe you have heard about it. I always wanted to visit, and finally made it albeit just for one day and night.


Wuzhen - Trading canal.

It's very ancient and very modern at the same time. One thousand five hundred years ago, someone said lets build a trading Canal from Hangzhou (Silk and Textiles) to Beijing - that's a very long way.. so that was a hell of an infrastructure plan in those days.
Wuzhen was the port area at the southern end. Lakes, canals, and waterways make this a Venice like city (no cars allowed).

The small city fell in to poverty when Chairman Mao controlled the land, not least because of it's rich folk and intellectuals that lived there. Anyway as other means of transport became available the place was going to die. As late as 1980 there was no electricity and the place was home only to poor folk. Then someone noticed it was actually quite pretty.
They spent half a billion dollars here to make it a living town and tourist attraction. Ancient and modern.

Modern.. because a huge underground car-park outside the town is where you park, amble to the grand city entrance hall and use a common check into your hotel or guest house before you enter the town, they scan your face for face recognition entry, you log into super-fast Wifi one time for the whole place. And then an ancient man-powered boat (gondola style) takes you to your hotel. Everything you can see inside is beautiful, ancient and gracious. Really a Chinese Venice.

Naturally there are hundreds of gift shops.. so I have been checking out what's on offer. It seems the average Chinese tourist - apart from buying Silk and Indigo cotton - loves Indonesian and Indian imports. I have even seen one or two items that we import to Europe here also.

It is also paradoxically home to the World Internet Conference, young American programmers tap on laptops in noodle restaurants making selfies with provincial Chinese tourists. That in it'self is something. Ancient & Modern.

If you go to China - I would recommend a cultural visit to Wuzhen, two or three days would be great, unfortunately we don't have that luxury. Got to get back to Yiwu, there is so much to do..

More news next week.
Lots of stuff back in stock.. including (finally) Soap Flower Bouquets... yes it's true!!

Take care.



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