May 2021


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Big News

Soooooo.....our little flock has big news!

As in, guess which flock member is in training as an animal intuitive?

(HINT: It's the one that can't grow any feathers. Or a shell. Or any colorful dots or markings of any kind.)

Did you figure it out yet??

So here's the really cool thing.

Pearl, Malti & Bruce are totally on board to serve as their mama's animal guides, muses and encouragers.

In fact, they are naturals. They are so good at animal communication they don't even need any training - or any practice!

But their mama does.

This month, we are launching an exciting new offering that is open to ALL OF YOU!

We call it the "100 in 100."

I (Shannon) am giving away 100 free animal communication sessions over the next 100 days.

Sessions last 30 minutes. Options include phone, Zoom or email.

Just hit "reply" if you would like to reserve one of these special sessions for you and your flock.

Here's to you getting to know your interspecies family members better than you ever thought possible!


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Me. Pearl. Bruce. Malti.

Hi! It is so good to meet you here each month!

Pearl, Malti, Bruce and their mommy just love having you in our extended flock. And we so enjoy hearing from you - just hit "reply" to share your news and flock updates. :-)

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