Re-rewind when the crowd says Bo! One of the things I loved about growing up in the 90s was discovering ‘The Rewind’. That moment at the party when t

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Re-rewind when the crowd says Bo!


One of the things I loved about growing up in the 90s was discovering ‘The Rewind’. That moment at the party when the crowd responds loudly to a song and the DJ spins it back to the beginning. Oh man, that was a lot of fun. However it was often not so much fun for the DJ whose responsibility it was to get that moment right. There’s nothing more tense than a rewind followed by an awkward silence while he (or she) struggles to find the beginning of the record. Trust me, it’s a lot of pressure when you’ve got a room full of eyes glaring at you while they wait for the party to start again.

The last few months have felt like a long rewind moment for me. There’s been the excitement of retraining for a new career, taking on new projects and new responsibilities. At the same time, there’s the angst around trying to refocus and head off in a brand new direction.

You see, the rewind bit is relatively easy. You can stop doing what you were doing… with the right motivation. Maybe it is the promise of a brighter future or the relief from a challenging past. However the tricky part is setting yourself up doing something new. There’s likely to be questions like:

Will I make it in this new venture?
Is this the right decision right now?
How will I match the financial or emotional security of the previous job, and of course
What happens if I fail?

Just like the nervous DJ, you have a number of tools at your disposal to help make the resetting and restarting process as painless as possible. DJs have their headphones, and all kinds of meters, markers and faders which when used appropriately helps them get the party restarted with little interruption to the good vibe.

This months’ mailer is dedicated to all who were going through a period of Rewind, Reset and Restart. So, welcome to the party :-)

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Rewind... but look before you leap!

I'm rewinding (say nothing) a previous blog to help you think through any final doubts before pulling the plug on your current situation.

There is nothing more frustrating than enduring a job that no longer excites you. It saps your energy and you would chuck it all in; except there's the small matter of bills, mortgage, credit cards, car payments and child care. Hmm, perhaps there’s another way while you prepare for the next adventure...


Reset with a FREE Social Enterprise course

If you're want to start or continue with a business that has a greater impact on your community, this might be for you. Olmec's First Steps in Social Enterprise course is a 12 week training and mentoring business support programme. It's free and open to existing and aspiring female social entrepreneurs from BME (Black and Ethnic Minority) backgrounds.

You will work through your ideas, helping you understand and map the main areas of your business plan. But hurry, you've only got until 31st August to apply.


Restart #IWillWriteTheBook

Let's be frank. Despite our best intentions, it can often feel like we've missed the boat by moments, minutes or even months. SO let's restart. Between now and the next mailer, you can get on board our 4th year initiative: to write your own book in 12 months.

So far, we've committed to a working title. Sounds simple but trying to sum up the entire essence of your book in one sentence can take a few tries. Try it, then tweet it with the hashtag. I promise you that it will make you feel more empowered once you have. Last month we planned the book so you don't run out of steam halfway through.

The only addition this month is to set time aside to do something. Daily is better than weekly. Using your 15 minute train ride or dictating your thoughts from the shower while you get dressed is so much better than trying to catch up with yourself at the weekend. The more routine you make writing the book, the more likely it is that you'll succeed in completing it.


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