October 21st, 2017

"Islamophobia motion" M-103 is still in the committee stage and continues to be studied in the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage.

In meetings last month, motion sponsor MP Iqra Khalid kept her statements broad and indicated that her motion was intended to cover a study on religious discrimination in general. Another witness, however, introduced some concerning considerations such as potential censorship of the media and the prosecution of individuals when “things go too far” in engaging in Islamophobia. (Click here to read an article summarizing some of last month's hearings.)

Just this week, representatives from B'nai Brith Canada - the nation's oldest national Jewish organization and a staunch defender of human rights - presented before the committee. The witnesses warned that M-103 "risks exacerbating the already lackadaisical public attitude toward antisemitic outrages," and that in discouraging criticism of Islam, M103 could make it harder to combat anti-Semitism.

▪ Click here to read B'nai Brith's summary of their statement.
Click here to read B'nai Brith's summary of their statement.

B'nai Brith also pointed out the important fact that, “Both Statistics Canada and [their] own Annual Audit of Antisemitic Incidents have found that Canadian Jews are the most targeted religious group for hate crimes in this country.” In addition to this, global analysts continue to point out that Christians are the most persecuted group globally. Critics of M-103 continue to point out the oddity of emphasizing islamophobia in light of this.

Next Committee Meeting Happens Monday:

The next meeting to study motion M-103 is scheduled for Monday, October 23rd from 3:30-5:30pm EST.

Please Click here to visit the committee website for links to listen to Monday's meeting live through ParlVu or to learn more about past/upcoming witnesses and testimonies in this study.

What You Can Do:

1) Pray:

Please join us in praying that the committee would truly study and work to protect the religious freedom of all Canadians and to fight religious discrimination of all kinds. Please pray that the witnesses in this study would present godly counsel to the committee.

A recent report has shown that Christians are the world’s most persecuted religious group. Please help us to set up a 24-7 virtual prayer wall for the persecuted church through the Justice Wall.

2) E-mail the Committee:

Please click below to e-mail the Committee on Canadian Heritage to respectfully share your views on Motion M-103, bring to their attention the reports above showing 1) Christians to be the most persecuted religious group globally and 2) the Jewish community nationally. Ask them to use this opportunity to work towards defending religious freedom for all groups in Canada.

Please ask the committee to remove the word "Islamophobia" from the motion.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thank you for helping to protect religious freedom in Canada!




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