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Greetings from Slovakia, in the pretty town of Trnava that is home to AWGifts, the EU identity of Ancient Wisdom.

Last week I was telling you about the container delivery problems we have been overcoming here, including the tetris puzzle issue.. You can read about it here.

That container finally arrived, our first from China, this coming week we have another China container and one Indonesian. So we are getting to a healthy stock level where we can offer our customers a great range.

Meanwhile, Tomas, Coco and I made a road trip to Poland, across Slovakia up into the high Tatra mountains and over the border to the alpine town of Nowy Targ in Poland to basically open a bank account.
Our Polish customers prefer to pay directly to the bank, but cross boarder payments are a little expensive so it puts folk off ordering, the solution a bank account in Poland. Easy yes?
No not easy.. We already knew a stack of documents would be needed, translated to Polish and apostialised (legalized), we checked and double checked with the bank before going.. Police record. Check. Companies house docs. Check. Check. Check... Of course we needed lots more so a bit of a mission.

Poland mountain village life is very how can I put this.. Erm old fashioned but in a nice way. Like stepping back in time to a gentle age at a slower pace.
It happened to be the first day back at school and the tradition here is for children to dress up like for a wedding, and it must start after lunch because the town centre was full of teenage James Bonds in dinner jackets with dicky bows, and pretty girls in evenings dress posing and promadarding all morning.
It became a two day job opening an account, with trips to translation offices and notaries thrown in so we got to know the town quite well. An immaculately dressed, polite and dapper bank manager and two young assistants worked diligently to make it happen.
Just as I signed the final papers, and we were handed a login and bank account number, outside in the town square a prom band began to play..
We all smiled it was a good omen.

Meanwhile back in the UK.. At AW it is as far you can get from a gentle age and the pace is full pelt. Next week we switch to double shifts to pick and pack your orders in a more timely fashion. There are six containers due in the next few days and that in itself is a huge job. We are still, I'm afraid, behind with orders but getting back on track.

Christmas is coming..

Thanks for your business and I hope you are keeping well and trading well.

More news next week.



Back in Stock - Salt Lamps & Candle Holders

NEW DESIGNS Himalayan Salt Lamps each salt lamp comes complete with light fitting, bulb & plug. Rather than sell them by size we sell them by approximate weight. Items are marked with sizes to give a rough idea of size only, each lamp is completely unique.

Please bear in mind our artisans in Pakistan made every effort to match the weights of the salt lamps we have requested however due to the products nature they are still approximate.


Christmas Gifts Ideas

The countdown is on! Yes, it's almost that time of year again. Glittering lights hang above town centres, tinsel twinkles in shop windows, and the patter of footsteps reverberates around high street pavements. Whether you're looking for that special something, Ancient Wisdom can be your one-stop shopping place for all your customers buying needs. Our selection of gifts includes Christmas Wine Bag, Christmas Baubles, Minimalist Xmas Trees, Jute Santa Sacks and much more....


HandCrafted Angel Wings

These pretty angel wings make a lovely gift or home decoration, looking pretty hanging on a wall or door or even propped up on a shelf. Perfect for Xmas tree decorations. Decorates a table beautifully instead of a Christmas cracker. Ideal for Christening or new baby gift.

At the back, they are painted with blackboard paint so your customers can use chalks to write lovely messages on... a great gift to hang on your customers Christmas tree.


Soywax Fragrant Melts Jars

These wholesale Fragrant Wax Melts in Jars are made from a natural blend of soy waxes and finest fragrance oils. Available in seventeen mouthwatering fragrances.

Wax Melts Hearts contain no paraffin wax, so your room will smell of quality fragrance. Just add one heart melt to an oil burner to make your home smell wonderful.
In every jar, you will find 16 heart shaped wax melts, just pair them with Oil Burners as either an add on sale or a gift set or sell the jars individually.

Stock a decent range to make good sales, Order now.


Himalayan Cooking Plate

Himalayan cooking plates, are an exciting way of seasoning and serving food. The dusky pink Himalayan rock can be slowly heated or chilled to extreme temperatures. The tight crystal lattice in the Himalayan salt block means that it holds its temperature for long periods of time – to the extent that the salt block can be used to fry fish or keep ice cream chilled.


Luxury Soap Flowers

Beautifully packed wholesale Soap Flowers are a perfect gift, wedding favours, Christmas stocking filler or just a little treat for yourself.
Just add a one or two roses to your warm bath, relax and watch the cute flowers dissolve right before your very eyes. You will surely enjoy colourful water and great scent. It leaves your skin soft, silky, and smelling wonderfully fresh.


Recycled Glass Tealight Lanterns

Glass lanterns add a touch of style and colour to your shop and your customers house or garden, providing you with a pleasant atmospheric light source after dark. Just the job for Halloween, Christmas and any romantic setting.
All designs work with tealight candles or small scented candles. The four designs and eight colours combine to make a highly effect shop display. Plus check out the value, really keen prices provide a more than romantic trading opportunity.


AW Chill Pills 1.3Kg - Display Box

AW Chill Pills, fit nicely in candy jars, making a perfect gift, and can even be displayed to good effect in the large candy jars. Children love them - drop one or two in the bath for a little fun & fizz. Adults can also Chill with a Bath Pill or three.

Ideal for a Foot Spa - add one for an extra touch of luxury. They come in nice display boxes ready to put on your shelf. A box contains approximately 90 chill pills and weights 1.3kg. We recommend you sell 6 for £2 to return £30 for a box.


Wholesale Glass Candy Jars

Glass Candy Jars, perfect if you are creating your own products and sell very well just as they are. Kilner jars are good for customers creating their own homemade jams, sauces, honey...

You could fill them with AW products and sell as a readily made gift.. Also sold by carton for really keen prices..Care instructions: hand wash only. Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use. Stock today to get in on this vintage trend.


Spa & Hotel Cotton Towels

Wholesale bath towels are an essential part of any business selling bathroom related items as well as for all Spas, B&B's, Guest Houses and Hotels. Take a look at our Indian cotton bath towels for a luxurious feel all made from 100% Indian Cotton for added lavish thickness.
All our face towels, hand towels, and bath towels are machine washable saving you and your customers time doing the laundry

These mermaid cushion covers are embellished with shiny sequins which change colour as you brush your hand along the surface, this brings some interactivity and fun to a sofa and is incredibly satisfying to play with!

They come in lots of different colour combinations to suit any customers home or personality. Every order comes with 4 covers. We also supply the cushion inners. Nobody will be able to resist playing with the colours and trying to draw pictures or write their names, we definitely couldn't! (Especially with the Violet & silver cushion, one of our favourites...)

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