Fulfilling Our Mission! GHF's mission is to support, educate and advocate for gifted and twice exceptional children, their families, and the professi

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Fulfilling Our Mission!

GHF's mission is to support, educate and advocate for gifted and twice exceptional children, their families, and the professionals who serve them, as they pursue alternative, lifelong educational paths.

We fulfill our mission through a variety of outreach efforts. We reach hundreds of thousands of gifted/2e families through our social media. Through GHF Online classes, we offer online classes geared to these unique students. With GHF Press, we publish books to inform, inspire, and entertain gifted/2e people and the professionals who serve them. We maintain a list of worldwide regional contacts, people ready to share information and offer support. We offer free brochures about gifted and 2e issues aimed at families, educators, and healthcare professionals. And these are only a few of the ways we work to fulfill our mission!

None of this would be possible without support from people like you! Your donations, supporting memberships, and affiliate purchases help fund our outreach, advocacy, and support.

GHF works hard to give you what you need to be informed and successful.


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Get Ready for GHF Online's Summer and Fall 2017 Sessions!

Looking for an online class where gifted/2e students are celebrated, not just tolerated? Check out GHF Online, an online education program geared to the needs and interests of gifted students. GHF Online offers small online classes with abundant opportunities for interaction among students and instructors. GHF Online serves students from around the world offering a range of courses in mythology, literature, and philosophy; Minecraft math and history; biology, chemistry & earth sciences; Joy Hakim's Story of Science; Latin from the Tres Columnae Project; art; and more. Recommended ages run from eight years old through mid-high school, depending on the class. If you're not sure if a class is a good fit for your child, please ask. Classes meet weekly in a fully equipped online classroom featuring video chat, text chat, whiteboard, screen share, file sharing, and more.

Summer Classes
Look for class announcements in mid-May! Registration opens May 22.

Fall Classes
Look for class announcements April 17. Registration opens April 24.

GHF Supporting Members receive a $15 per class discount!



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Navigating Family Life When Gifted Traits Collide

Giftedness comes with intensities, high needs, and special needs. Activities and moments other families take for granted can become a planning nightmare when a gifted child, or two, is involved. Conflicting needs can lead to strained relationships between siblings and parents. How can families manage the various needs giftedness brings to the table, while creating a closer family, and maybe even while having fun? Learn from the GHF Bloggers who have managed to walk this path and come out stronger and happier.

GHF Bloggers participate in Blog Hops throughout the year. Check out our Blog Hops Archives to discover the answer to your questions, find the support you need, or have a laugh, knowing you're not alone.

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Meet GHF's Regional Contacts!

GHF's regional contacts are volunteers who share information and offer support to people in their area seeking to learn about gifted and 2e resources. But our regional contacts don't wait for people to come to them. They go out and meet people, speak at conferences, set up information sessions, and more! To learn more about this active bunch of volunteers, go to the "Regional Contacts" section of the GHF Blog. If you're interested in becoming a regional contact, contact our Outreach Manager.


Favorite Things

Do you ever find yourself wondering, "What's the best curriculum for [fill in subject here]?" Or, "How will I ever teach [fill in feared topic here]?" If so, then you are not alone. Many have gone down this path before you, and many have shared their "favorite things" with GHF.

We've compiled a list of materials, resources, and services, highly recommended by families like yours! Whether you want ideas for teaching math, are looking for educational engaging apps, or want field trip ideas, GHF's Favorite Things page has answers. Check it out and get learning!


Wear Your Giftedness with Pride!

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Helping Professionals Help Our Community

The professionals who serve the gifted/2e community often have questions about giftedness, twice-exceptionalities, testing, mental health issues, and more. GHF is here to help! GHF has dedicated part of its outreach efforts to educating and supporting the many professionals who work with gifted and 2e community. We offer information, recommendations, and tips to help them better help you.

If you are a professional who currently serves or desires to serve this community, check out our Professionals page or contact our Director of Professional Outreach.


GHF Can Help Your Business Reach Over 1,000,000 Potential Customers!

Take advantage of GHF's incredible global outreach! By advertising with GHF, whether through our social media, or even in this newsletter, your business will reach the niche audience of gifted/2e families. We offer reasonably priced packages and will work with you to get results. To learn more about how GHF can help you reach your advertising goals, contact our Advertising Coordinator.