Hello ,

Greetings from Ancient Wisdom HQ.
Yes it's true, the rumours are confirmed. I'm here in Sheffield at the warehouse on the hill.

Happy Friday the 13th.. don't worry be happy, you will survive.

Last week I was telling you about blue sky thinking in Yiwu, China. You can read about it here.
Since then I took the evening flight to Beijing and overnight to Amsterdam and last hop to Manchester.
So now I'm a bit jet lagged. With my brain and digestive system independently confused as to what time zone they are in.
Yes.. but nothing a good English Breakfast and copious coffee can't fix.

If you have ever been to Sheffield and taken the road from the town centre to Sheffield Wednesday football ground. You would pass AW, look up and there on the right on the top of a hill stands a modern industrial park, turn right at the lights on Penistone Road, wend your way up the hill and you will arrive at Parkwood Business Park, a large oversized Buddha greets you as you enter.
Welcome to Ancient Wisdom. Not every warehouse in the park belongs to us, but we are working on it. :)

It's raining and damp, a chill in the air, no blue sky here. But the warmth and energy of the team at AW, the hugs and the smiles make it nice to be on home soil in the midst of the Ancient Wisdom family.

Better and better, last week I was telling you about the Chinese mind set of making things a little better every day.
Last time I was here, we initiated a clean and tidy drive, with everyone involved in making it better. Jet lagged and weary I was dragged by various eager managers and staff to see the improvements since my previous trip.
Despite the busiest March we have ever had, and the most container deliveries in a month - everywhere is spic and span - well done team, I'm proud of you.

Of course there is always room for improvement, that's the thing, it can always get better. Getting better everyday, just a little is the thing. Achieve something everyday and then over a period of time amazing things can happen.
Sooo... what can you do in your business?

Well I always say in business, the bottom line is about one thing.. and it's so easy to lose focus.. the most import thing is the product.. the PRODUCT.. because at the end of the day it's the giftware products that your customers want that makes our businesses.
At the risk of banging on about, at AW we do stuff differently, we don't have salespeople, so our products and prices have to be right.. because they have to pretty much sell themselves. So what can you do to make your business a little better today?
Yes you can revamp the shop, make a new display, smarten up the staff, make an offer, buy some fresh flowers, do an instagram post, a tweet, a youtube vid.. all that is trumped by one thing.. having the right products that your customers will love.

With great humility may I be as bold as to suggest...
Well check out the deals below, and have a good poke around the website, there is bound to be something better ..

Meanwhile with royal wedding fever getting out of control, and warmer weather on the way.. that Spring Feeling has to be here soon. Are you ready for it?

Take care.. more news next week.



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