Good afternoon! Many thanks to you for joining us on the A Taste of Brentwood Tour and giving us the opportunity to lead such a wonderful group

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Good afternoon!

Many thanks to you for joining us on the A Taste of Brentwood Tour and giving us the opportunity to lead such a wonderful group. We hope that each stop along the tour was both educational and inspiring; providing you with a unique opportunity to experience the many tastes of Brentwood.

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Photos of you

We’ve uploaded our photos from the day onto flickr and you can check them out here. Feel free to use them on your websites or newsletters!

Peach picking at McKinney Farms - ripe way to start the day:

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Taste of Brentwood
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Taste of Brentwood 2

All the stops were excellent, I especially enjoyed picking the peaches. This tour inspired me to visit Brentwood. I started thinking about ways to spend a weekend there." - Diane Ruddle

Your exclusive look behind the scenes at Frog Hollow Farm:

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Taste of Brentwood 5

...a short lunch break at Tess' Community Farm Kitchen:

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Learning about Brentwood's rich agricultural history at the East Contra Costa Historical Museum:

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A fun, educational tour to an interesting part of the Bay Area, which I knew little about. Worth it!” - Alan Brown.

Our final stop at Co. Co. County Wine Company - unwinding with some new friends and local varietals:

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Very educational, a good chance to have a break from boring daily life and good sceneries” - Amy Nuque

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Thank you for filling out our survey and supporting our work in these vital ways; it makes a huge impact for us and also helps us on improving our tours. Please feel free to share some pictures with us you took on the tour - we would love to see them and add them to our website.

In order to support Brentwood please share your experiences with your friends. Of course you can come back to Brentwood and pick fruits until the end of Summer.
Check out the Brentwood Harvest Festival on June 11th and 12th - enjoy local food, fun and entertainment for your whole family!

Learn more about interesting projects and developments regarding farming, food and organic drinks by visiting the links below:

Demeter: A Farmer Inspired Collaboration and a not-for-profit incorporated in 1985 with the mission to enable people to farm successfully, in accordance with Biodynamic® practices and principles. Demeter’s vision is to heal the planet through agriculture.
Permaculture Principles learn about the Permaculture Principles here.
Biodynamic Agriculture - discover the amazing concept of the “agricultural individuality" to heal the earth.
Omnibibulous check out our tour guide's project here and distill even more information.

Frog Hollow Farm
East Contra Costa Historical Society Museum
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Thank you again!

Thank you again for your enthusiastic participation in our Taste of Brentwood Tour, and your future support of our non-profit’s sustainability education work! We hope to share another tour with you soon and send you our very best wishes for a healthy and joyous Summer.

Marissa LaMagna
(510) 517-6403

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We hope that we will be able to work with you again in the near future and invite you to check out our website to learn about the variety of our offerings.

In case you’re already starting to plan your summer fun, we would like to introduce you to our special project and partner Sabor Mexicano Farm. Rent this incredible place for your business, yoga or meditation retreat, wedding, garden party, anniversary, birthday, reunion, special event, or simply as your next incredible escape from the city!

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