January 22, 2018

Hello, fearless parents!

We held a new year's party to affirm our rights!

On January 13, 2018, the Fearless Parent community gathered in Red Bank, New Jersey for a celebration of our medical and parental rights, with guest of honor, Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

People streamed in from all over the Garden State to my neighborhood restaurant, JJ’s Organic Grill, for a cocktail reception, a documentary film screening of The Pathological Optimist; and a Q&A with Andy. The standing room only event was announced a few days before Christmas and sold out in one week.

Parents and professionals were grateful for the opportunity to break bread with our tribe; discuss our rights; ask questions; show numbers; and express our views in an organized, responsible manner.

Click here to view videos and photos. And if you attended, feel free to send some over if you'd like us to add them.

We have a $100K matching grant to get it done!

Remember what happened in 2015? We haven't forgotten what some lawmakers tried to do to our vaccine exemption.

We're watching vigilantly.

Is it time to organize to protect it?

Fearless Parent has been offered a $100K matching grant by a California-based philanthropist who was incredulous that SB277 passed. He wants to help fund a professional marketing and community organizing effort:

"Enough. There cannot be a next state to eliminate parent-directed, philosophical and/or religious vaccine exemptions. Parents across the country must support the next state in Pharma's crosshairs. Jersey parents are feisty. Go send a strong message to your new governor."

How can you not love this guy?

Are vaccine exemptions important to you?

What will your family do if you're not able to take an exemption?

Homeschool? Vaccinate? Move? We can't keep moving. This is a global issue. Listen to what Francesca Alesse had to say in Red Bank about what's happening in Italy and what it means for the EC (scroll down to Videos).

Momentum is created when large numbers of people take action. Let's get this ball rolling! This first round of funding will be with tax-deductible dollars for general education and awareness.

Here are some ideas:

--Make a one-time donation and ask like-minded friends and family to do the same. And ask your company if they'll match your gift.

--Make a recurring monthly or quarterly donation.

--Commit to fundraising a fixed amount of your choice. Could you ask 10 people to give $100 or 25 people to give $25?

--Donate something -- an appreciated investment or an item for our silent auction.

--Screen a film or host an event at your home or a local restaurant. Many chains will donate a percentage of the tab to a non-profit organization.

--Shop Amazon through our Amazon Smile account.

Want to know how the money will be spent?

1) Populating a supporter database so we can communicate with the people we need to persuade and mobilize.

2) Crafting and delivering specific, ruthlessly focused messaging via integrated marketing.

3) Reaching out and touching lots of people through events, rallies, open houses, letter writing campaigns, and the like.

Speaking of which... let's plan our next event

Did you miss us on January 13? If you waited more than a week, you probably had a hard time getting tickets. A lot of people were disappointed. This is a good sign. Parents want to gather. We keep doing this and politicians will start to notice.

Here's what some parents had to say about our event:

"Last night was so powerful. I connected with so many people who are awake to the vaccine epidemic taking over our world. The energy in the room was truly empathetic & inspiring. I am just beginning my journey in this movement & feel so blessed to have connected with so many from this community. Vaccine injury & death is real...it exists & is the biggest lie ever told...largest corruption & coverup in history...I promise to fight for justice & change for the rest of my life <3 #onestarfishatatime #flyhighnicholas"
-- Marjorie Catone

"So much positive energy all gathered in one place <3 Let's get these donations going!"
-- Jennifer Polishook

"Such an inspiring and amazing event with such strong, empowering, and soulful people! <3"
-- Alexandra Ponsica

Let us know you're out there! Together, we can do this.

Be fearless.


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