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Persper-eez Breast Sweat Pads

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Available in 3 sizes. Pick the size that's right for you.

Do you suffer from skin irritation and rashes caused by under breast sweat?

Persper-eez Breast Sweat Pads are disposable pads for relief of under breast sweat and breast rashes designed to be worn with or without a bra. They are ideal for medium to larger breasted women with a B cup or larger.

Persper-eez is not only perfect for hot days but any day you want to be dry and confident. Whether your heading out to exercise, putting on formal wear, getting ready to make that business presentation, are a pregnant woman experiencing breast growth, or you care for a senior with under breast sweat problems, Persper-eez is right for you!

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Here's Another Way to Wear Persper-eez

We’ve heard from a couple of women that they are attaching the pads directly to their bra, laying the bra down on a flat surface and attaching the pads on the bottom edge of the bra, then putting it on. Let us know if you’ve tried it too.

A Little Goes a Long Way


American Heart Assoc.

Salt. It helps balance the fluids in our brain, and can help control electrical impulses in our body. It has also been linked to high blood pressure, yet it’s a crucial mineral for the human body. Salt is used for preserving food, extinguishing grease fires, and prolonging plant life. While research continues to the benefits and safety of salt, most people just want to know the difference between the wide variety we see in the store.

Table salt – Also called refined salt, it is the most familiar type found in kitchen cupboards. After the refinement process, it has a fine, bleached texture. Not as strong a flavor as other salts, it can be used in any type of cooking.

Sea Salt – Extracted through the evaporation of water, it comes in various forms. Flaked is wonderful crushed and sprinkled on steamed vegetables or shellfish. With a complex flavor, it adds a briny flavor. Crystalline sea salt will add a burst of flavor to fresh food from salmon to salad. The size of the crystals defines how quickly it dissolves (the coarser the crystals, the slower it will dissolve).

Kosher – The name comes from the koshering process for curing meat. Kosher salt dissolves quickly and disperses easily so it can be used on everything from a roast to popcorn. Its coarse texture makes it easy to pinch for just the right sprinkling amount.

Rock – Homemade ice cream comes to mind for rock salt. The nonuniform crystals make it ideal for regulating the temperature when making ice cream. It is not, however, good for adding directly to food. Other uses for rock salt include de-icing your sidewalks and driveways. This is one salt that can be purchased at the grocery store and at the hardware store!

Pickling – Anyone who enjoys the pickling process is familiar with this type of salt, whether brining pickles or a turkey. While usually a fine grain, it is far more concentrated than kosher salt, so a little goes a long way. With no iodine added, pickling salt is the purest form of salt.

Himalayan – A type of rock salt that is unrefined, hand-mined from caves, and can be used for cooking. Its pink color comes from several trace minerals including iodine and magnesium. Many believe it is a better option than refined table salt because it contains 80 natural minerals utilized by the body. It can be used in place of table salt and pickling salt in cooking and brining.

To gain the best benefits of salt, avoid added sodium in processed foods and be aware of your overall sodium intake. Focus less on refined salts – experiment with the wide variety of options, and check the American Heart Association for more information.

Our contributing writer is Stacy Monson. She contributes to local and national publications on a variety of topics from healthy living to Alzheimer's Disease. She is also a published author of fiction. "The Color of Truth," the final book in her Minnesota-based series Chain of Lakes, has just released. While the first two books of the series have garnered a variety of awards including Readers' Favorite Book, Book Buyers Best, and National Excellence in Romance, the highly anticipated third book is expected to fare even better. Get your copies today at

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