August 29, 2015 Dear Community, I am thrilled to share with you that I have been invited to be a part of the Standing in Our Power 2015-16 Transform


August 29, 2015

Dear Community,

I am thrilled to share with you that I have been invited to be a part of the Standing in Our Power 2015-16 Transformation Leadership Institute (TLI). This is an intergenerational network of cis and transgender women and gender nonconforming social justice movement makers. The TLI—which will run for 10 months—honors and supports women of color who identify as healers, organizers, activists, artists, cultural workers, sacred space holders, and more, who believe that there is a need to integrate personal and communal healing in their work for systemic transformation.

The TLI aligns deeply with the vision I hold right now—that radical, spirit-led women of color are needed to play a front role in strengthening and building community through deep healing, reciprocity, visioning, and birthing a new reality.


20150823 163327

At the Women of Color Meditation & Potluck, OneLife Institute, Oakland, on Sunday, August 23, 2015. (Image Credit: Ananda Bliss Kenboya)

Poetry International / The Long Haul

PI 20-21

I have a poem in Issue 20/21 of Poetry Internationalget your copy here!

I will also be reading at the The Long Haul in Berkeley on Sunday, September 13—details around this are still getting firmed up, so stay tuned.

Diviner's Tongue

Laila Espinoza Ancient Tongue cropped

I chose Oakland-based mixed-media visual artist Laila Espinoza's painting "Impeccable Tongue"/"Ancient Tongue" to illustrate my approach & philosophy as a diviner. Read more about this affinity, and about Laila's dream that gave rise to this painting in her own words.

In-person divinations or video call sessions are available, with a sliding scale option for people of color in need. I offer cowrie shell divinations as well as voice divinations in the West African Dagara style. My hours/availability beginning Sept. 1 is changing, so be sure to check my calendar for the new times if you are looking to schedule a session with me!

Book Pick: Daughters of Copper Woman


Daughters of Copper Woman is one of those books that carries such a strong spirit that you may call it subversive. Based on stories given to Vancouver Island writer Anne Cameron by the elderwomen of the Nootka indigenous peoples, the book takes us back to the dawn of Time itself, when Copper Woman learnt to Endure with the help of the Old Magic, Old Ways taught to her by the Old Ones. This knowledge and wisdom too has Endured through thousands of years, despite so much of it getting torn apart, silenced, and lost, when the system turned into one favoring domination, patriarchy, and abuse. And yet, here we are, being given the chance to read stories that are part of the continuity, the remembrance, we need if we too are to survive, to Endure, to subvert, to radicalize, and to create something new.

Looking for Herbal Nourishment?

Visit my sister Lillie's Etsy shop for magickal tinctures, elixirs, and cordials for physical and spiritual health and wellness!

With that, this is


मोनिका \Monica


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