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Hello ,

Greetings from Sheffield

Hope you survived Halloween and had a good time.
This weekend is Bonfire Night mad and crazy zone already - please take care with those fireworks.. have fun but be careful - stay safe.

I'm still here at AW HQ in Sheffield working with our amazing team and loving every second.
Did I say amazing?.. I should add crazy, weird, eccentric and not a little manic.
Have you seen our Halloween costume competition pictures.. Check here. You can see what I mean by a weird crew.. Big thanks to you our customers who spare a bit of time to vote for the best halloween custoeme, Ula ou customer service manager won the prize of the best halloween custome. Congratulation Ula!

But while a few of us had fun dressing up, everyone has been running around like crazy to get your orders shipped. And we are winning.. we really are.. in October we smashed all records at AW beating every target.
Not only did we ship 10% more orders in October but they were on average 10% bigger.. we actually reduced shipping times and today I can announce that we can even handle premium shipping requests again.

Another historic first happened - our first direct shipment from Nepal landed.
Regular readers will remember a few weeks back my adventures in Kathmandu, seeking out new suppliers.
On the outskirts of Kathmandu in a villa type house with a view of the mountains behind and rushing alpine stream nearby I met Dome Sherpa and his team. They have a passion for Nepali handicraft gifts working closely with a range of artisans.
His office also doubles as a sing bowl store room, in fact every room of his house seemed to part home and part giftware warehouse, with his team busy packing orders to ship to USA and Australia in the garden and out onto the road outside.
I had to practically clamber over boxes of Rope Incense to get to his office. Charming, humble and polite he explained they would be moving soon to a proper warehouse nearby very soon.


Dome Sherpa in Kathmandu demonstrates the amazing sound of his Singing Bowls.
The singing bowls are big business in Kathmandu, lots of workshops making them but it's people like Mr Dome who sort out the boxes and cushions and packaging to make the finished product. I wanted to include some of the Ancient Wisdom type information associated with the singing bowls. Dome Sherpa explained to me lots of stuff I never realised, like for example they have a particular design called a Medicine Bowl, is used specially to meditate to help overcome illness. So with his help I put together information about the different singing bowls and we had it printed on the inside of the lids to the boxes the bowls are shipped in.
We have been importing Singing Bowls from India for many years, and I had hoped that the Nepali ones would be cheaper, in fact the prices were practically the same - priced per kilo - as India. But the sound and quality of finish I feel was better on the Nepali ones.
So I'm delighted and excited that they actually arrived, and today landed in the website (Yes!) - a special range exclusive to AW and perfect gifts for Christmas.
Also from Nepali we have a range of Incense and Hemp bags..

Next week I'm in Spain.. news from there.
Did I mention? It's officially CHRISTMAS!!

Take care and have a fun and safe weekend..



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