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Interaction is key. You have to know that a virtual event is not and can not be a virtual meeting. Virtual events, while they will never compare to a live event, have some power to them. That is, if you plan you virtual event correctly,

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We all need to unwind during these unprecedented times. We've all been working hard, either remotely or at our regular place of work. Whatever the case, socializing has become challenging, and we're craving for an outlet to let off some steam.
Sadly, hosting a regular event or party hosting multiple people in one room isn't an option at the moment. Alas, technology is here to save us!
Video calling and conferencing for work or communication is nothing new to most. However, never have we thrown so many parties and events online. Parties on Zoom, Teams and other video platforms are becoming as common as sliced bread.
Memes and videos appear all over social media depicting the wild and fun times of virtual events. Why not host a virtual event that's exciting and gives people something to cheer about? We can provide you with a few pointers on hosting a successful online function.

Setting the Event Groundwork

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Many think hosting a successful virtual event is as simple as plugging in a laptop. For many, hosting an online event might be stepping into the unknown. Sure, you'll have a few worries and concerns - maybe get a bit anxious and meticulously make a list of things to do in preparation.
The best approach is to treat the occasion like any event - don't worry too much and keep it casual.
With online events, in particular, we always recommend condensing your guest list - the main reason being that too many invites can clog up the screen with videos.
But very importantly, even if its a virtual corporate event, you can make your event a lot more personal and make it easy to communicate with each other. We have 4 essential tips for hosting a successful event. virtual corporate event, you can make your event a lot more personal and make it easy to communicate with each other. We have 4 essential tips for hosting a successful event.

Tips on Hosting a Successful Virtual Event

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Once you have a time and date, and your guest list compiled - it's time to get the ball rolling! Keep calm and casual, and don't make an elaborate list of plans or worry about things going wrong.
It's the internet - everything tends to go wrong - just something more you can laugh about. You'll just need to make sure your invitees have a basic understanding of how to access Zoom, or any other platform you're using. Once that's established, click and go! Our essentials in a successful virtual event are:

Conversation Starters

It's a virtual event to plan, so take advantage of what your platform has to offer! Applications like Zoom offer many assets that serve as great conversation starters. They are the foundation of all memes.
Backgrounds, emojis, sounds, and effects number in their plenty. There are many laughs and good times to be had with these, so when the party gets going - make sure everybody tries one of these nifty little enhancers out.

Go With The Flow

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In a traditional party, people enter and leave at different times - not all at once. We believe the same principles should exist when hosting a virtual event, by sending people the link to join slowly and one by one.
That way, people can spend a bit of time to get to know each other. That sets a nice flow and comfortable event environment.

Drinks and Snacks All-Around


Like any party, drinks and snacks are essential. One of the best parts of any online event is that you don't have to shop for everyone else - everyone just brings what they like.
Almost every virtual events there's a lot of exchange on what everyone is drinking or eating. It creates conversation and even leads to games sometimes.


As the host, you always want to make sure you're well connected to the event room. You don't want to be your screen to jitter around or be disconnecting for guests - they might feel a bit lost without their star host.
Check your WiFi connection before the party. Also, sit as close as possible to the router while the party's going on.

End on a High Note

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Traditional parties can last hours, sometimes go through the night. In virtual events, we recommend to keep them short and sweet. This is not always the case - your online soirees can power through the night if the feeling is right.
Keeping them condensed, however, makes for a lot more of a memorable occasion. Your guests will remember it as a successful evening and look for you to host future events.
When ending, don't just shut the event down abruptly. Just say you have to call a parent, head to bed or something of the sort and let people teeter out on their own as they may want to stay with others.
Here's to many of your successful virtual events!

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