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Please Take Our Survey Regarding Our Upcoming Online Directory. We Value Your Opinion!

We have been hard at work creating a "live" interactive online directory for businesses and freedom groups in the entire Northeast Region that will not only contain contact and social media information, but also videos, eye-catching images, and articles. It will encompass all types of businesses that share our mutual values, as well as a wide range of freedom organizations that represent health freedom, domestic and financial security, and personal and civil liberties. We hope to launch this summer. This directory will connect all of us in the Northeast, so please help us name it (and more) by filling out our survey below!


Support Fellow Freedom Fighter Via Zoom Today at Noon (note the time was changed form 9AM to 12PM)

Join the Zoom hearing on 5/2/22 at noon (there may be a wait until Kevin is called), ID #161 0589 9834 (no password required).

Kevin Mackie, a fellow freedom fighter from Northampton, MA, will have his next court hearing today at noon. You can read more about Kevin's arrest here. During this court hearing, the judge is supposed to reach a decision on Kevin's motion to dismiss his "trespassing" charge for refusing to wear a mask at the Springfield, MA courthouse as was his legal right.

The hearing is open to the public, so please join in support. Contact Kevin Mackie (@karnage0 on Telegram) with any questions. Share via Facebook, TikTok and on all of your social media as quickly as possible due to the short notice. Thank you!


Volunteers Needed for Statewide Overpass Standout This Month!

Mandates are still happening at work, at colleges, at events, and at camps. We didn't fix the problem, it's just simmering on the back burner. If the media remains silent as they have been, we will need to find creative ways around them to get the message to the people that health freedom is a human right and we will not allow it to be taken away.

For two days this month let's be seen! Hold banners and american flags on an overpass! We have a chance to reach TENS OF THOUSANDS statewide! How do we make this happen?

MA Says NO

Massachusetts Says No is looking for volunteers to "Adopt An Overpass." Massachusetts Says No is a state-wide alliance of health freedom groups of which Health Rights MA is a member.

EXACT DATES ARE TBD but late May is the plan. You do not need to be available for the dates to volunteer. More details to come. Visit Health Rights MA at https://healthrightsma.org.

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What's in Store for Our Future?

Candace Owens makes five new predictions for the future. WATCH

Jean Nolan from Inspired tells us how the next steps are laid out . . . we know the playbook of the globalists and transhumanists. The questions are: What can we do? Can we stop it? Can we change it? And if yes - how? WATCH

In ThriveOn's recent newsletter they shared an article discussing how researchers are now experimenting with the idea of placing mRNA vaccines in lettuce and other agricultural crops to reach the unvaccinated. READ MORE

In his article Dangerous Pfizer Vaccine Fraud Fully Exposed, Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses former BlackRock portfolio manager Edward Dowd speaking out about the real motivations behind the pandemic, which includes a global debt problem and an imminent global collapse of the financial industry. READ MORE

Del Bigtree from The Highwire asks, "Is America facing a food crisis?" WATCH

America's Frontline Doctors published an article discussing how UK data shows increased mortality in vaccinated compared to unvaccinated. READ MORE

Children's Health Defense has started a campaign to help protect young children. The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) wants to grant Emergency Use Authorization to Pfizer’s BioNTech vaccine for children aged 6 months to 5 years old, despite the lack of safety and efficacy to support its use. The only thing standing in their way are concerned parents, grandparents, and citizens. Parents are watching, and it is our duty to protect the children. PLEASE SIGN

Also on Children's Health Defense, Denmark suspends COVID vaccine campaign and the EU is set to end mass testing. READ MORE

Epoch Times has discovered that hundreds of CDC employees remain unvaccinated. WATCH

Also in the Epoch Times, a public school district in Massachusetts is facing a lawsuit over its efforts to encourage children to “experiment with alternate gender identities” at school and hide that information from their parents. READ MORE


Add an Event to Our Calendar

One of the most powerful ways you can help the freedom movement is to spread the word about important events. We have made it easy for you to do this through the online calendar (view events) at Stand Up Massachusetts. Submit any freedom-related events or petitions you come across for consideration through this online form. If you would like to embed our calendar on your own website please contact us at standupma@protonmail.com.

When you check out these events, consider supporting/attending as many as you can to help the freedom movement. Your presence means a lot!


About Stand Up Massachusetts!


We are a concerned group of Western Massachusetts residents that care deeply about safeguarding our basic human, health, and parental rights. We invite you to stand up with us to ensure that our constitution is upheld and our God-given ​rights are forever protected. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST. Our mission is to provide you with useful educational resources and tools, share important news and events, inform you of the many luminaries and citizens that are making a difference, and show you how you can take action to take back and preserve our freedoms. There is power in numbers. Together we can awaken the sleeping lions.

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Donations make this newsletter, website, and our event calendar possible and are greatly appreciated.

Please consider making a contribution here, and pass this newsletter on through your social media and to anyone you think may be interested.

Kind regards,
Stand Up Massachusetts!

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Courage is Contagious

Do not comply. Your actions matter.

The more we comply the worse it will get. The extreme tyranny that we are seeing today has been caused by mass voluntary compliance. Masks do not protect you from viruses and they lower your immune function. Any potential benefit is far outweighed by the harm they cause. People tend to follow the leader. Be a leader! Actions speak louder than words, and each minute of every day we now have the choice to be part of the problem or part of the solution. Which do you plan to be? Stay strong, stay healthy, stay smart, and stay free.

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