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Thought leadership is an important
part of any successful content marketing strategy. Both consumer and B2B companies can benefit from an effective thought leadership effort to
build brand strength and ultimately drive more revenue.

Thought leadership is especially important in B2B and professional services, because education and expertise are innately part of the value proposition. If your 2017 agenda includes a new initiative in thought leadership, look to this month's article for tips on selecting and developing thought leaders.


Amy L. Juers, MBA
Founder and CEO
Edge Marketing, Inc.

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Let’s face it – we live in a crowded world and everyone is talking at the same time.

Between blogs, articles, emails, tweets, ads and posts, we’re flooded with news, opinions, merchandise, hypotheses, calls to action and unsolicited advice. Every company is vying for your prospective clients’ attention selling everything from grocery store delivery to mortgages to candles.

And that’s just on the consumer side.

If you’re a technology company selling to law firms, corporate legal or accounting firms, a highly competitive market adds to the complications. If 500 businesses are selling to a managing partner, how will your voice be heard?

Add a new perspective to the onslaught.

It’s time to double down on thought leadership. No matter the mode of communication, fresh and visionary topics will gain greater traction than (Read more)

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About the Author
Melanie Brenneman, a senior account manager for Edge Marketing, has been involved in the care, feeding and establishing of many successful thought leaders. Every day, she helps technology companies successfully market their solutions to law firms, corporate law departments and accounting firms. She is a past president of the Austin chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA).


IBM demonstrates effective thought leadership with its Smarter Planet initiative. As Gartner says, the value is that “…it [the Smarter Planet initiative] moves the conversation with customers from product-specific discussions to broader and longer-term concepts— less directly comparable to IBM competitors’ more concrete and narrow offerings.”

Just two years after its launch in 2008, the Smarter Planet initiative generated
$3 billion in revenue and double-digit growth from more than 6,000 client
engagements. IBM expects its Smarter Planet initiative to contribute at least $7
billion in revenue growth through 2015.
(Source: LinkedIn Guide to Thought Leadership)

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