Everyone Needs a Summer Vacation! Don't worry, you haven't missed the boat! There's still time to sign up for a 3- to 6-day cruise this season. With

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Everyone Needs a Summer Vacation!

Don't worry, you haven't missed the boat! There's still time to sign up for a 3- to 6-day cruise this season. With 9 windjammers in our fleet and more than 200 trips to choose from, here are just a few of our still-available cruises:

Parading Colleen Gleason copy

The Windjammer Parade at Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse takes place on Friday, July 15. Credit: Colleen Gleason

Lighthouse Parade Cruises
Shutterbugs will love sailing in company with the Maine fleet aboard Heritage (July 14-17) $695; Lewis R. French (July 14-18) $776 or Angelique (July 14-18) $729

LRF Kayaking Cruise Old Quarry Ocean Adventures

Add a kayaking tour to your windjammer cruise. Credit: Old Quarry Ocean Adventures

Kayaking and Windjamming Cruise (July 19-23) aboard Lewis R. French, plus a Full Moon! No experience needed. $776

Island Hopping Cruise
(July 24-27) aboard Angelique. Enjoy a 3-day getaway that packs it all in, including island explorations. $705

Aerial of Mary Day Steve Guthier

Cast your cares to the wind with an unscheduled cruise. Credit: Steve Guthier

No Itinerary Cruises
(July 24-28 or August 2-6) aboard Mary Day. Just relax and enjoy an unscheduled vacation with great sailing, scenery and delicious food. $825

Wellness Cruise
(July 27-30) aboard Victory Chimes. Yoga, reiki, massage, mindfulness meditation, expressive arts workshops, live music and delicious, healthy meals, too. $800

American Eagle07 Fred LeBlanc

Get your feet wet with a three-day getaway aboard American Eagle. Credit: Fred LeBlanc

Introduction to Windjamming (August 10-13 and 14-17) aboard American Eagle. Perfect opportunity to get a taste of what windjamming is all about! $695

lobsters and kids

The Isaac H. Evans specializes in offering cruises for families with young children.

Kid Cruises (all season) aboard Isaac H. Evans. Captain Brenda welcomes kids 6 and up on every cruise. Fun for the whole family! Two-night trips start at $455.

Aerial Victory Chimes Ben Magro

Sign up for the Victory Chimes' Geology Cruise and learn how the last ice age formed this unique area of the world. Credit: Ben Magro

Geology Cruise
(Aug. 18-22) aboard Victory Chimes with Dr. Borns, Founder and Director of the Climate Change Institute. $860

Heritage George Kovarick

One third of Maine's lighthouses are located in our sailing grounds. Credit: George Kovarick

Lighthouse Cruise
(August 23-27) aboard Heritage. Another great opportunity to see and photograph many of Maine's stunning lighthouses, as well as enjoy 4 days of great sailing, shoretrips, beachside lobsterbake and more. $785

Guests with Wine Courtesy Stephen Taber

Wine-tasting Cruise
(Aug. 26-30) aboard Ladona and Stephen Taber with guest expert (and extremely entertaining) Michael Green. $1,498/$1,018

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