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Brown Rice Energy Bites

Brown Rice Energy Bites

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Brown Rice Energy Bites

Brown Rice Energy Bites

"A little bit goes a long way" -- hence why the tastiest treats can be made with the fewest ingredients. Chef Kenzie's four ingredient brown rice energy bites uses bold ingredients with BIG flavors to make a delicious treat without a long list of ingredients. The secret? Chef Kenzie uses brown rice in place of rolled oats to add a nutty flavor and a unique textural contrast. The combination of chocolate, peanut butter, and coconut oil makes for an incredibly rich and subtly sweet treat to satisfy your taste buds and add keep you satiated until the next meal. And it's a fantastic way to use leftover rice. Grab the recipe on our blog here!

Dairy-Free Snacks and Desserts

Dairy-Free Snacks and Desserts

Whether you eat dairy or not - this "Special Meal Planning Class" is one that's not to be missed. Throughout the session, Chef Kenzie will share her best tips and tricks to prepare a wide variety of sweets and treats that the whole family will love. Join Chef Kenzie on Thursday July 15 from 7:30-9:00am EST to learn all about preparing dairy-free snacks and desserts that are satiating, tasty, and energizing. Not able to make the class time? Register for the class to receive the materials and a video recording. Register HERE.

Interested in learning about the basics behind preparing simple dairy-free meals? Join Chef Kenzie on Monday July 12 from Noon-1:30pm EST to learn about preparing dairy-free meals and adapting your favorite AH and AD recipes to be dairy-free (and delicious!). Not able to make the class time? Purchase the class with the $10.00 video and slideshow add on to receive access to a video lecture and a PDF copy of class slides. Register HERE.

Register for our Dairy-Free Snacks and Desserts Class
Register for our Dairy-Free Basics Class (Option to purchase the video and PDF slides as an add-on)

AH Recipe Videos

All NEW Recipe Videos

Need a visual? We're continuing to build our library of 1-5 minute recipe videos! And we made a new page for you to find them all in one place. Check out our newest videos to see just how quick and easy some of our recipes can be. Here are the latest...
1. Chef Kenzie's Tahini Egg Salad
2. Chef Kenzie's Brown Rice Energy Bites
2. Chef Kenzie's Cauli-Stuffed Layered Meatloaf
3. Chef Dawn's Low-Carb Pancakes or Buns
4. Chef Dawn's Quick and Easy Fennel Salad
Check out all of our recipe videos HERE.

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For Recipes: Pinterest
For videos and inspirational quotes: Chef Dawn on Instagram and Facebook
For food stories and body positivity: Chef Kenzie on Instagram
For community support: Join our Facebook Group
For Research Updates: Dr David Ludwig on Facebook and Twitter

Leg Fidgeting During Prolonged Sitting Improves Postprandial Glycemic Control in People with Obesity

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