Time is just flying by! How could we already be in December?! Could I please have a few more hours in the day? At this rate my to-do list will never g


Time is just flying by! How could we already be in December?! Could I please have a few more hours in the day? At this rate my to-do list will never get to-done!

I had three wonderful days with Zoey right before Thanksgiving. She totally wore me out. Pure bliss. (Can I do it again, please? Can I? Pretty please?)


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Grandma's tip for cranky newborns?

If nothing seems to work (food, clean diaper, Grandma love) turn on the vacuum cleaner. Works like a charm. Zoey quieted right down, yawned, and was on her way to sleep---all in about 25 seconds.

Oh, and if you don't want to haul the vacuum out of the closet or you'd rather take a nap than clean the carpets---there's an app for that! Seriously. (For making "white noise" not for vacuuming.)

One more tip: put your iPhone in an empty coffee cup to increase the volume. (Put your iPhone in a coffee cup filled with coffee and buy a new iphone.)


A Time Saving Tip

Customer service isn't what it used to be. Next time you get stuck on the phone in a voice prompt maze, head over to GetAHuman.com or DialAHuman.com. Both websites have direct phone numbers or creative work-arounds to get you to a real person. No guarantees that a real person can make it all better, but it can be a lot less frustrating.



Totally unrelated, but I just thought of it. Plus, my readers are a wealth of knowledge. Here goes: I have steak knives. My mother-in-law gave me 8 of them decades ago and I have worn them out. The serrated blades are still pretty good, but I put them in the dishwasher and the wood handles are about to fall off. I know. I know. I shouldn't have dishwashered them. And I shouldn't continue to use them. But I just don't want to give them up.

So, who knows about FIMO clay? I bet I could saw off the rivets and use what is left of the wood to mold new handles, kinda. Do you think the FIMO clay would "stick" to the tang of the knife? (Did you notice the word "tang." I bet you're pretty impressed that I know that, aren't you.)

And then, if I had an oven that worked, do I bake the FIMO in the oven? And the big question: is FIMO dishwasher safe?


Classes in 2015

There are still some spaces left for my Amazing Puzzle Ball class on Saturday, February 7th. The class is in my @Home studio in Flint, MI. (This is a "dog-present" environment. Scooter says that means you have to bring him presents. No, it doesn't. He will give you kisses and tail wags no matter what.) Learn more here.


Can't make it to Flint? Join my online class and make this cute little String Star quilt (about 33" x 33" before borders) at home, in your spare time, and possibly in your jammies. Work from January 5th to the 24th at your own pace. I'll lead you through the creation of your quilt top with written directions, photographs, and videos. Learn more here.

MindyBowl 2013

Click the image to see other bowls I've made.

Dyed Clothesline

The clothesline I dyed in the summer is finally packaged and listed in the store portion of my website. I have limited quantities as I am holding some back for a Fabric Bowling workshop I'm teaching in Bourbonnais, IL in April.

In the sample here I used turquoise rope and the color comes from the variegated thread. (No wrapping with fabric.)

Click here for the dyed clothesline.

Click here for other fabric bowling supplies including my PowerWrapper, variegated threads, and a bowling tutorial. These make great (and pretty fast) gifts!


Need a Quick Stocking Stuffer?

How about a Pointless Compass. Kids love these (and so do quilters). I've got about 60 in stock. Under $6 and that includes shipping.

del-cicret braclet

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What Will They Think of Next?!

Check this out! (Click the picture to watch the video.) This isn't on the market, but they're working on it. Totally amazing, especially if you lived somewhere where you could expose your forearms. Or if you lived in a bathtub. Still, way cool.


Deck The Halls Video

Scooter here. Things are shaping up nicely for the holidays. I smell several interesting presents that have my name on them. I hope five or six of them are balls. Balls are my favorite. I like squirrels too, but they are too hard to wrap.

Click the picture to watch the video I picked out for you. Feel free to sing along.


Thanks for reading all the way to the end, ! (This was a LONG newsletter!) I know you've got tons of stuff to do, so I really appreciate the double click.

Enjoy the holiday season and try to put your feet up and relax every once in a while. I hear quilting is very relaxing too!

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