Nov2020 NLE

Dear Friends...

Despite a truly trying year for our world, God has opened doors of opportunity and has shown Himself faithful, involved and victorious!


Children are being adopted!

Babies brought to our orphanage doors are found abandoned. The immediate need is triage and intense care to bring weak, malnourished babies to health. The next step is to find Christian families to adopt them and provide the guidance, love and stability necessary for a child’s optimum development. We have placed 13 babies into adoptive homes this year!

Christ followers

God’s Kingdom is expanding!

Roads are washed away with flooding, there is military intervention to curb ferocious ethnic and religious cleansing, the economy has nosedived…. and yet God is drawing men and women to Himself. In one village, 120 people have become Christ-followers these past six months!


Churches are being established!

It is incredible to witness the perseverance of our missionaries. Their house churches are bursting at the seams and, fueled by need, these leaders have forged ahead with building when the obstacles in their path seem almost insurmountable. Four new churches are being built!


School is opening!

60 kindergarten children will soon be back in the classroom. We are running a morning session with half the students while the other half come in the afternoon. A nutritious lunch is provided for all the children. Kindergarteners graduating to First Grade were provided with back-to-school necessities and are confidently marching off to elementary school.

training center

Our Training Center is being built!

Because of the safety provided by a recently erected security wall around our Christian compound in a M*slim area, a training center for leaders continues to take shape. The political climate surrounding the village is dicey, but so far the people have protected our project because there is a feeding program and early childhood education for the poorest among them.

None of this could be accomplished without your involvement and support. These successes are YOUR successes!
You have prayed.
You have given.
You have sent us notes and emails of encouragement to not give up.

It is with a humbling and deep sense of gratitude we simply say, “Thank you.”

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