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Greetings from the night flight KL0809 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. KL is going to be hot and humid.. And I'll only be there for one meeting. I'm meeting Raul our IT wizard who lives there in the airport hotel, then jetting off to Hong Kong tomorrow morning. I have just spent a few days at our EU distribution centre in Trnava, Slovakia. It's all go this time of year - as I whizz round our key briefing them on the plan for 2019.

In Trnava it was cold and crisp and even. Dry cold, no wind.. draped in a layer of snow with all those cobbled streets and old churches still with festive lights it was like living in a Christmas card.


So good to see the team again and meet the new recruits. They are literally buzzing.. working really well, shipping orders across Europe but obviously doing best in the Eastern end of Europe. Customers absolutely love the soap flowers ranges. The fastest moving line on all our EU sites. Tomas (our marketing director - and from Trnava) spends about one week in four here, it's his baby. But Erica - operations manager and team leader is doing an awesome job making things happen. And the team is growing so it was fantastic to meet the new guys.

Regular readers will know that one reason we opened the EU distribution centre was as our Brexit backstop. It's already been trading more than a year. So I suppose I should be happy to say we are Brexit ready. Locked and loaded. Truth is we don't know how it will pan out. We will just have to adapt and cope. Check out our English language site: this year we are planning a major revamp of our (dated but popular) drop-shipping site - which will be rolled out across Europe . Check we are trying to find away that you could (from your armchair in England) virtually sell anywhere in Europe. The sale to be made inside Europe - shipped from our EU warehouses to your customer directly. and with sales margin goes to your account. That would be cool no? Maybe we can find ways to make Brexit work for you....
Interesting times.

The thing is.. It was Brexit what made us do it.. But out of that, after a lot of blood sweat and tears a new thriving company, with a young, very earnest and dedicated team discovering and falling in love with the world of gifts.

From Trnava to Vienna Airport is not far, quick connection to Amsterdam.. Onward to Asia..
Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Sri Lanka, China, India and Indonesia. All on the travel plan over the next few weeks.
My mission to find beautiful, handcrafted, family made, awesome products that you can pitch with confidence to your customers.

Meanwhile - the "Season of Love" is upon us.. not long to Valentines day..
Check the deals below..It's all go!!

OMG we are landing shortly.. gotta go.

Have a great weekend.
More news from Asia next week.



3 for 2 Boat Shaped Display Stands

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Pressed Flowers Jewellery

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Wholesale Real Leaf Jewellery

A perfect romantic gift for anyone who loves nature. Ideal for any gift shop but those in rural locations may find more affinity with this delightful natural jewellery range.


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