2016, A Year in Review This past year we celebrated 15 years in ministry! At our Anniversary celebration in April we spent the evening recounting st


2016, A Year in Review

This past year we celebrated 15 years in ministry!
At our Anniversary celebration in April we spent the evening recounting stories of God’s faithfulness and as a gift to each friend who attended, we gave them a 2017 pocket calendar. Our hope is that you would use them in this coming year to record your own stories of God’s faithfulness.

I just spent time looking through my 2016 pocket calendar and wanted to share some of the ways God has continued to be faithful this year.

Hadley Grace Weston

This little bundle of JOY was born March 6th and has forever changed our lives. Kelsey returned from Maternity leave in September and it’s been so fun to see her as mom and to watch Hadley grow so fast. Kelsey has been able to bring Hadley with her to work during most of our CrossWalk class times and to True Vibe Thursday mornings and it’s been so fun to see our four interns love on her as well.

Kelsey and Dan just announced that they are now expecting baby number two! They would value your prayers.

The Flood

**We woke at 5:30am on March 25th to a Good Friday Flood in our basement. What an amazing blessing it turned out to be! All of the carpet needed to be torn up and thrown out because of water damage. The Lord provided new laminate flooring through a friend of ours who purchased and delivered it all right to the house. Another friend taught us how to install it and by the second week of April all the flooring was in and everyone was moved back into their rooms. Poppa Dave took on working with our insurance broker to get an approximate settlement of $3,000!! We were able to use these funds to finish the storage room, which was a part of our long term plans for the house. With the help of 4 other friends who volunteered their time to frame, run electrical, drywall, mud and the finish work, we were able to finish the room the day before we left for the summer. Prior to this room being finished we had enough space for up to four interns, but with this additional space we can now take up to six.
God’s timing was perfect, He knew what we didn’t... that by the end of the summer we would have 5 girls registered to come this year and would need the extra space. The flood was His way of providing for it! Glory.

IMG 6243
IMG 0761


**This summer our core TFL team was made up of Patti, Jodi, Jess Donovan (our 2015/16 intern) and Abby Peck (who led worship out West) then Kelsey and Dan, Amelia Kellington, Becki Leyenaar and Dan Keily joined us on the East Coast. Over the course of nine weeks we were blessed to serve at six different camps in California, Washington State, New Hampshire, New York and two right here at home in Ontario, Canada. Jodi shared the story of David with over seven hundred campers and for the first year we left them with a follow up challenge. Campers and counsellors were challenged to read all of 1 & 2 Samuel as well 1 Kings 1& 2 and write a journal entry for every chapter about David as if they were David. 56 campers took on the challenge and by the deadline, December 10th, 17 campers and 2 adults completed it, what an accomplishment!
We were so excited to mail them a custom made journal with the memory verse embossed on the front as their prize.
We are already praying and planning for this coming summer with messages from the life of Moses. Plans are in the works for a new follow-up challenge and we’re praying for at least double the number of participants. Would you pray with us?

IMG 0116

Jess Donovan

**Saying goodbye to our 2015/2016 intern, Jess Donovan after the summer was not easy. She became a part of our family while she was here. As hard as it was, it was reassuring to know that she was going back to her Berea family. Berea is the camp in New Hampshire that we first met Jess at and just before the summer they offered her a full time job as a Program Director there and at their new location in Maine. She has transitioned well and is now sharing the love and joy of Jesus in her unique Jess Donovan way. Please continue to pray for her as she continues to seek God’s face and grow in her relationship with Him.

CrossWalk Discipleship Program 2016/17

From 1 to 4 to 5
In the two previous ministry years, we had one intern complete the full 10 month program each year; Rachael Escuadra (2014/15) and Jess Donovan (2015/16). The Lord was so kind to let us have time with these girls to work out kinks as far as immigration, programing, curriculum and setting up the house.
This past October we had 4 interns come and join our team:
1) Anna Mae Justus, from WA (age 19)
2) Rachel St Clair from MA (age 24)
3) Dylan Tredway from WA (previously CA) (age 18)
4) Sidney Livingston from CA (age 19)
Their personalities are all so different, but they genuinely love each other and enjoy each other's company. We almost had to set a curfew. Our hope is that by the end of these 10 months they will each have a bigger and better understanding of who God is and of how He has uniquely designed them. We’re praying God gives them clear direction into how He wants to use them in the future and love praying along side them.
As part of their internship they are required to read through the Bible chronologically and memorize an entire book of the Bible. Three of them are working on James and Anna is memorizing Ephesians.
Some of our curriculum topics this past semester included:
-Group Dynamics
-Quiet Time
-Personality testing and
-Biblical Soul Care
They all completed their semester exam with flying colours!

We have one more friend coming this January;
5) Tamara Hatt, from Nova Scotia (via Emmaus Bible College)
She is coming to do her final placement at The Hub to complete her Youth Ministry Degree from Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, IA. This is the Bible college that both Kelsey and Jodi graduated from and we’re excited to have her come.

hub 3

The Hub Youth Programs

Quality Programs
Jenna has been so blessed to have more girls join her staff team. Our four interns have jumped right in and even started a new Thursday afternoon program called Hub Wars. At the core of this program is healthy competition and quality entertainment. They’ve been working hard at planning each week and have been pleased with the turn out.

It’s encouraging to hear Jeanna and the girls share stories of how they’re connecting with the youth and being intentional about getting to know them and share Christ with them, especially during the Friday and Saturday night drop-in times.

Jenna’s love for cooking is a gift when it comes to Super Club on Wednesday evenings. They’ve seen mostly high school age guys with healthy appetites coming out. They learn basic cooking and cleaning skills and enjoy sitting family style around a table to eat the meal together. For some of these youth it may be the only family style meal they eat all week.

New TV’s
A friend of ours from the Business Networking group that we used to be a part of, Ashleigh, shared a link with us on Facebook about a month ago informing us about some potential grant opportunities through the town of Bradford. Patti submitted a request and last week heard back that they approved her grant request for $1,500 to put toward the purchase of 3 new flat screen TV’s to replace the old box style ones at The Hub. The timing was fantastic with on-line Boxing Day sales beginning Christmas Eve at 7:00pm. Patti is a wise shopper and had searched to find the best deals. She was able to get a new 60” and two new 40” smart TV’s as well as quality stands! We can’t wait to see the kids' reaction when they come in the new year and see how Jesus provided!

High School Lunch Drop-in Program
For 15 years the Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to run the lunch program at Bradford Public High School. And for the past 5 years Jenna has been faithfully serving there 5 days a week. Although some of our past interns would have loved to have helped out, the school board requires that you be Canadian because of the vulnerable sector part of the police check. That’s one of the biggest blessings about Tamara Hatt coming in January to do her youth ministry placement with Jenna at The Hub. She’s CANADIAN and will be able to give Jenna a full day off each week and at the same time provide a new person for the high school kids to connect with.

True Vibe Women’s Ministry

A Crowded Nursery
Patti and Kelsey were thrilled to see 40 women come out to the women’s Bible studies on Tuesday evening and Thursday mornings this past semester. God’s timing is so perfect because if we didn’t have our 4 interns we wouldn’t have enough nursery workers. They had up to nine infants and toddlers this past semester!
We completed Pricilla Shrier’s ‘Armor Of God’ Bible study just before Christmas. The feedback throughout the whole study was consistently, “This it was one of the best, if not THE best Bible study we’ve ever done.” God moved powerfully in hearts and it’s still having an impact.

January 17th, we’ll be kicking off with Kelly Minter’s 8 week Bible study ‘All Things New’, a study on 2 Corinthians. The books are in and if you’re interested in joining us it’s not too late.


A Hand UP Clothing Room

The Dream Team
Just before we left for our summer camp tour this past May, we did a few updates in the local churches to ask specifically for more volunteers at the clothing room over the summer months while we’re away. God provided His best! We need a minimum of two people to open the room every Tuesday and Friday and we went from barely having enough to open to having up to 9 staff some days. Our sorting team has also grown from one core sorter to two, plus four high school students.

Love ‘em like Family
That’s the heart behind the Christmas Wish List program we’ve run for the past 8 years. We want to sit face to face with each person that comes in during the month of November and hear how they’re doing and ask them what would really bless them at Christmas.
This year we had 147 friends register to receive a gift.
For the past 8 years we’ve always made it clear as we sit with them that we don’t have a budget to buy the gifts, what we do is PRAY and share the list with people who care and wait to see how God provides. This was the first year, however, that the Lord put it on our hearts to purpose to pray WITH them when they signed up. I wish we had started doing this years ago because the impact was amazing. People began to open up about other prayer requests and things weighing on their hearts. We even had a single mom and her daughter come to church with us one week as a result of simply caring enough to pray WITH them before they left.
God continued to out do Himself in the way that He provided for every person who signed up.
Our friend who has catered the Christmas meal for us the past 3 years had moved and was unable to provide the food this year, but God faithfully provided perfectly. Our old neighbours donated the turkeys and five of our core CrossTrainers family each volunteered to stuff and cook them. The carrots and potatoes were all donated and our intern team worked along side Jenna to prepare them.
We had over 30 volunteers show up to the dinner to serve each of our friends who came, so they had the luxury of staying seated. It went the smoothest of all the dinners we’ve hosted there so far.
Please pray with us as we consider how to stay connected with these friends throughout the year instead of just at Christmas. Perhaps we can do something at Easter or Thanksgiving?

Sitting on the Steps
One of the things that has been a growing frustration to us is that the facility we are in right now is not wheel chair accessible. Several of our friends that come out are seniors and don’t handle stairs well, especially in the winter and we also have a few dear friends who are wheel chair bound. Although that’s a frustration, the Lord has used it to show some of these sweet friends His extravagant love. Our volunteers have been so sweet with them. They sit with them on the steps outside, even in the dead of winter, and chat. They serve them coffee and shop for them, even putting on little fashion shows for them to choose what clothing items they might like to take with them. When one of these friends showed up to get her gift at the end of the Christmas dinner some of our team escorted her home because of the snow storm and carried her gifts.
God uses all things for His glory.

Thank YOU

The Lord has been really convicting our team more in this past semester of the necessity and call to prayer. We have never valued your prayers more and are purposing to do a better job this coming year in keeping you updated on what God is doing in the ministry and how you can pray along with us. Your prayers and partnership are making an eternal difference in so many hearts, right here in Bradford and throughout North America.

If you would still like to give in 2016, please click the link below to see your different options.