Food Safety News by Fidelity Safety and Training for January 2015 New Food Safety Classes New Prices (Cheaper) New Food Safety Laws The New Year b


Food Safety News by Fidelity Safety and Training for January 2015

New Food Safety Classes
New Prices (Cheaper)
New Food Safety Laws


The New Year brings no greater joy than the opportunity to express to you season’s greeting and good wishes. Wishing you much happiness today and throughout the New Year.

We look forward to working with you in 2015!

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2015 Certified Food Safety Manager Courses and Exams

In 2015 many certified food safety manager's will be required to recertify since certificates are only good for five years in California. Below are our course and exam dates for 2015.

Bakersfield: Feb 3, Apr 7, June 2, July 14, Oct 6 & Dec 1
Bishop: May 8
SLO: Feb 18, Apr 29, June 24, Aug 26, Oct 28 & Dec 9
Santa Maria: Jan 20, Mar 18, May 6 & July 22
Mammoth Lakes: Nov 10
Mariposa: May 11 & Nov 2
Merced: Contact us, coming back soon
Sonora: Contact us, coming back soon
Visalia: Mar 3, May 5, July 7 Sept 1 & Nov 3

Best Prices in Central CA

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#2020 - Save $20 for class and exam
#7905 - Save $10 on exam only
#342B - Save $119, send three and get the 3rd free

Classes for School Districts

(Seats and discounts available, contact us for more info.)
January 10 - Whittier
January 16 - Duarte
January 20 - Santa Maria
March 6th - Taft
March 30 - Reedley
May - Fullerton
June - Lemoore
Now - Your District!


CA Food Handler Cards

2015 is also the year for many food service employees to retake their CA Food Handler Card course and exam. Certificates are good for three years in California. If your card is expiring in 2015, you may retake the course and exam for $12.95. The course and exam is available in English, Spanish and Chinese. Easy payment/registration vouchers are available for groups of five or more. More...


New Laws for 2015 (Just a few...too many to list)

AB1522 Paid sick leave: July 1, millions of Californians will begin earning paid sick leave, requires all businesses in the state to pay full-time and part-time workers a minimum of three days sick leave.

Prop 2 Farm animals: Limits the confinement of certain farm animals such as calves raised for veal, egg-laying hens and pregnant pigs, the law requires that their cages allow the animals to stand up, lie down, fully extend their legs and turn around.

Allergies: Public schools must stock epinephrine injectors so medicine can be administered quickly to students who suffer serious allergic reactions.

Access: A new California Farm to Fork Office will be created to promote access to food and make more agricultural products available to schools and underserved communities.

Gardens: Landlords may not prevent residents of condominiums and apartments from growing their own fruits and vegetables in portable containers.

All States: Food safety did not make the 2015 list of “hot issues” in most states. Food-safety topics often targeted by state lawmakers since 2010 did not get as much attention in 2015 as they did previously.


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