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Happy New Year!

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Little Fox by Kiki Michalek


What we have in life is a brief moment. Step gentle upon this earth. Be grateful. Treat mothers earth with respect and be for her what she has been for us. Protect fiercely and without pause. Life is short. Stand up for our mother. Earth. Sky. Water. Wind.

As earth has provided for us, we must provide for her.

3 scratch2

Cat Scratch Fever by Kiki Michalek


I'll be stripping down the studio this month. The holidays create this façade of a space that is always tidy and "put together". The reality is, paintings need to be cleaned, photographed, freshly labeled, frames checked, some still need varnish. Walls need painting, floors need cleaning. THINGS need to be purged or reorganized. If you have plans to visit the studio for the grand illusion, you'd best come on January 4. After that, let the mayhem begin!

jack in the box

Jack in the Box by Kiki Michalek


I will be having a Re-Opening Celebration on March 15. It will be almost 6 years that I have been at Whiting Mills! With the upcoming facelift to my studio, it's due time to celebrate. For now the focus for the next couple of months is entirely on rebuilding, rebranding, reenergizing.

Kind regards,
Kiki Michalek

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