New Horizons

When you succeed at something, after you enjoy your accomplishment and party with your friends and family, you find yourself looking outward again, looking forward, looking beyond to the next adventure.

Connie and Tim (and Sampson) have found a new horizon - and their journey has already begun. And Spirit Wise is the success story that is helping them launch their new adventure.

Spirit Wise 2

image by Monte Megas

For 29 years, Spirit Wise has been the metaphysical mainstay of SouthWest Colorado. The love and warmth, the beautiful merchandise, the classes and the music, and of course the people - many of us have grown up with Spirit Wise as a pivotal part of our spiritual, emotional, and even financial world.

And because of Connie's devotion, and Tim's dedication, and Sampson's pure awesomeness - and all the amazing energy contributed by people along the way - Spirit Wise gets to ride into the Sunset of our memories, sparkling with fairy dust and light. She survived the scary fiscal drought, and sustained us until the world was ready to openly speak of the mysteries of magic and energy and manifestation. She was a place of calm, exploration, tears, laughter, truths, healing and hugs. And she is a shining example of success.

Thank you to all the amazing people who have been a part of this adventure.
Thank you, Spirit Wise.
Thank you Connie, Tim, and Sampson.
May we all prosper and grow and become all we desire to be
on the New Horizon.



Final Days

Our last day is September 3rd... Labor Day

We will be open

Friday: 11 - 7

Saturday: 10 - 6

Sunday: 12 -5

MONDAY: 11 - 7


New Horizons Sale


20% off Store Wide

Everything is 20% off,
or more!

hummingbird bench

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These Items are 50% off

half off 2
mugs 2
shelf 1

Items on these two shelves are

$2 each or $5 for 3


Buy any book, get a used book free!

used book 2

The incense is plentiful; the stones are piled high!
The tree on the wall might make you sigh.
There's jewelry and statues and books on the shelves,
and there's still a chance to find a few elves
to grace your collection.
Come all and come one!
For this Spirit Wise Sale will be the last one.

beauty 1
Wall of life


September 3 - Labor Day

Sept 9 (Sun): New Moon - 12:03 pm *

September 22 - Mabon

Sept 22 (Sat): sun enters Libra - 7.54 pm *+
Sept 24 (Mon) : Full Moon - 8:54 pm *

Most astrological information is from Colorado Celtic Weekly Planner (Paulie Rainbow). some info from cafeastrology.com

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