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This is the sixth newsletter, introducing Casa Muriel Senior Living – A communal home and medical resource center proposed to be built near Antigua, Guatemala in 2021. If you missed previous newsletters look for them here on the website: GuatemalaRetirement.com. Or write to Lori@GuatemalaMedicalTravel.com.

The Positive Aging Movement


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In recent years, the generation of people over 70 are expecting more, and doing more in regard to improving their quality of life for the next 20+ years. As a communal residence, Casa Muriel will focus on all the positive aspects of aging by maintaining physical and intellectual activity, cultivating a serene outlook, and celebrating good humor among friends.


We believe that having a solid sense of community and participating in social events, in addition to having a helping hand from our staff, will give our residents the independence they want, and the confidence to expand horizons to their greatest potential.

Changes are inevitable, but we can manage them together with our trusted professional advisors, economically and effectively. Growing older is a blessing, and not so scary after all.

Loneliness Causes Illness – We Have the Cure


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Human beings are social creatures and the aging process should not be an isolated journey. There is an epidemic of loneliness among older adults, according to the NY Times. We discuss this silent disease in medical terminology because researchers have determined that living alone without conversation and physical interaction can be more detrimental to your overall heath than smoking or obesity.

The cure we prescribe: Take a walk with a friend. Sounds unbelievable?
• Physical activity helps circulation and digestion.
• Discussing common interests and outside events builds relationships.
• Sharing worries reduces stress and expands memory centers in the brain.
• Weight loss reduces inflammation and improves memory.
• Walking further than you did yesterday will help you sleep better.

Easy as that: Months and years of quality added to your life.

Investing in the Security of Those Who Have Helped Guatemala

The conceptual plan for Casa Muriel Senior Home and Medical Center is unique, precise, and engaging, but we're still searching for the perfect building location. Elderly activists in the ex-pat community envision a safe and intellectually satisfying home for the senior members of the group, but we still need to secure reliable financial capital to get started.


Choose an investment option that encourages you to participate in decisions that will improve your home environment and lifestyle. Our plans anticipate regular financial returns and establish Casa Muriel as an institution in our community. A win/win for everyone!

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Investors, shareholders, sponsors, partners and participants are all welcome to discuss how they might find an opportunity for development together with our Antigua ex-pats cooperative project. Call Lori today for a business plan presentation for your group.

Lori @ Guatemala Retirement .com | +502-3315-1555
Lori Shea | Antigua, Guatemala


Extraordinary Elders in the News, Again

grace bre

Video of Grace Brett

At 104, Grace Brett channeled her knitting hobby into an act of minor vandalism. With help from the rest of the “Souter Stormers”, a yarn bombing group of mischievous knitters from Scotland, she draped the public spaces around her town in artful crochets and colorful knitwear.

yarn-bombing 2

Residents walked outside the day of the prank to find their benches, lampposts, and buses had been sweater-bombed. When the deed was done, Grace told the Daily Record newspaper that she “thought the town looked lovely.”


Guatemala Medical Travel: Business Up-date

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The GMT office is open in Antigua Guatemala and ready to accept new clients. Nurses and patient service coordinators are connected with the best doctors, dentists and hospitals in Guatemala City, to provide you with the highest standard of medical safety measures, as recommended by the experts.

GUA airport

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We expect the GUA - Guatemala City International Airport to open in September, after five months of shut-down for protection from Covid-19 transmission. Call us for the latest public health up-dates.

Lori Shea

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