Hello !! I'm still focused on balance and walking. This month, you'll find a link to a video that encourages creatively using nearby resources if we

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Hello !!
I'm still focused on balance and walking. This month, you'll find a link to a video that encourages creatively using nearby resources if we do fall, specifically at home, where over half of all falls occur. For prevention, take a look at this Home Safety Checklist. I'll also be teaching Walking with Poles for Mobility and Balance, a three-part class that includes both classroom instruction and outdoor practice in July at Fitness Over Fifty. Details are below.

If balance is an issue for you, I hope you'll check out these resources and pass them along to others who may benefit.

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Creative Ways to Get up after a Fall

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Click image to see a variety of ways to get up

I ran across this very clever video illustrating ways to get up after a fall in a typical living room. Some very good information here and a great reminder that our environment often provides help -- IF we know how to use it. I wish she had made a bigger point of DOING NOTHING at first. Breathe, assess your situation and determine if you are injured before attempting to get up. Near the video's end, there are several suggested ways to move when you can't safely sit up.

I also strongly suggest pausing several times in the process of getting up. Rest between the more active phases, particularly when you've transitioned to sitting or to leaning on a support object. Taking it slowly allows your blood pressure to adjust to your being more upright.

Finally, after you are settled, take some notes or call a friend and ask them to write some things down for you: what happened and where did the fall occur? did you trip or stumble? perhaps you lost consciousness and then found yourself on the floor? Was there some external cause, such as low light, an unseen object on the floor, a wet floor or slipping rug? Pay attention to what shoes or sox you were wearing in case they are worn, slippery or don't fit well. Think about whether your medications have changed. Do it soon -- memory and intentions tend to slip away quickly once we're up.

Statistically, half of the people who fall once will fall again within six months. That's where your notes come in. Maybe it's time to get your eyes re-checked, talk with your doctor, install grab bars, or take a class to work on your balance. Half of all falls occur at home. Using a home safety checklist (click here) allows you to modify environmental hazards. I suggest adding it to your annual task of replacing batteries in your smoke alarms (you do do that, right? On New Year's or your birthday perhaps?)

Falling is not an inevitable part of aging. We can decrease our risk and improve our chances of avoiding major injury if we do fall. Act now to do so!

Class Schedule -- no classes June 16 - 26

ATM-2 Sr Ctr

Summer Class Preview

Developing a Healthy Back
Corvallis Senior Center
Tuesdays June 30 - July 28 -- 10:30-11:30 am
$24 resident $30 Non-resident $8 drop-in

Establish a Morning Routine
Corvallis Senior Center
Tuesdays Aug 4 - 25 -- 10:30-11:30 am
$22 Resident $27.50 Non-resident $8 drop in

Move Younger: Awareness through Movement® at the Yoga Center of Corvallis
Tuesdays June 30 - Aug 25 12 noon - 12:45 pm $72 for series, $10 drop in

Mindful Movement with Parkinsons at Fitness Over Fifty -- First class free for new students
Wednesdays July 1 - 29 -- 11:30am - 12:30 pm -- $50 for month, $12 drop in
Wednesdays Aug 5 - 26-- 11:30am - 12:30 pm -- $40 $12 drop in

Walking with Poles for Mobility and Exercise

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Enhance uprightness, flexibility & power

Build confidence walking on various terrains

Relieve pressure on joints to increase pleasure and stamina

Designed for people experiencing balance or walking challenges, perhaps after illness or injury, as well as those who want to experience the benefits of walking with poles.

Dates: Mon July 6 2:30 - 4 pm and Thurs July 9 1:15 - 2:30 pm and Mon July 13 2:30 - 4 pm

Location: Fitness Over Fifty 6735 SW Country Club Drive Corvallis 97330 541-929-5555

Class size: 8 maximum. Please bring poles if you have them; poles available for those without.

$40 if registered by July 2 $45 after July 2 if space available.

Participant comments:
* This class far exceeded my expectations!
* I'm standing taller and feel more confident walking.

Click here to register.

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