Volume 61, Number 4 / 2018 / Available Online

From the Editor

The office changes leading to sit-to-stand ergonomics
Carlson, Neil G. | Schwartz, Adam | Greenwell, Jeffrey | Casura, Greg

Navigating the progressive intensity of lifelong learning from medical student to attending physician
Viswanath, Omar | Viswanath, Nadia | Viswanath, Kelley

An ergonomic intervention to relieve musculoskeletal symptoms of assembly line workers at an electronic parts manufacturer in Iran
Daneshmandi, Hadi | Kee, Dohyung | Kamalinia, Mojtaba | Oliaei, Mohammad | Mohammadi, Heidar

The role of biopsychosocial factors in the rehabilitation process of individuals with a stroke
Kobylańska, Marzena | Kowalska, Joanna | Neustein, Jolanta | Mazurek, Justyna | Wójcik, Bartosz | Bełza, Małgorzata | Cichosz, Michał | Szczepańska-Gieracha, Joanna

The experiences of workers who do not successfully return to work following a work-related injury
Gewurtz, Rebecca E. | Premji, Stephanie | Holness, D. Linn

Work-related determinants of psychosocial risk factors among employees in the hospital setting
Coutinho, Hugo | Queirós, Cristina | Henriques, Ana | Norton, Pedro | Alves, Elisabete

Accounting for context: Social enterprises and meaningful employment for people with mental illness
Wilton, Robert | Evans, Joshua

Effects of exoskeleton use on movement kinematics during performance of common work tasks: A case study
Hondzinski, Jan M. | Ikuma, Laura | de Queiroz, Marcio | Wang, Chao

Predicting presenteeism via effort-reward imbalance and dispositional optimism: Is it the interaction that matters? Results from The Saxony Longitudinal Study
Smektala, Tristan | Zenger, Markus | Morfeld, Matthias | Stöbel-Richter, Yve | Berth, Hendrik | Brähler, Elmar

Analysis for the design of a novel integrated framework for the return to work of wheelchair users
Arlati, Sara | Spoladore, Daniele | Mottura, Stefano | Zangiacomi, Andrea | Ferrigno, Giancarlo | Sacchetti, Rinaldo | Sacco, Marco

Understanding salutogenic approaches to managing intensive work: Experiences from three Swedish companies
Palm, Kristina | Eriksson, Andrea

Pressure distributions on the chair seat and backrest correlate with handwriting outcomes of school children
Pade, Margalit | Liberman, Lihi | Sopher, Ran S. | Ratzon, Navah Z.

The work activity as an interface among different logics: The case of distributing food in a university restaurant
Lipovaya, Viktoriya | Duarte, Francisco | Béguin, Pascal


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