Every time the Grenfell Tower gets mentioned I cry. I cry not just for the tragedy of the horrific and preventable event, for those killed and those who survive traumatised. I cry for the very highest in humanity manifested by the people who jumped into action, who rose to their magnificence.

Ears to listen, arms to hug and comfort, tears to share, pop up food kitchens, donators of everything people with nothing need, providers of shelter, raising money, creating a wall so people can express and others can read and be validated. Massive!

No-one told them what to do. And, yes, it might have been and still be chaotic without experience in crisis management. But they just went and did what was needed, immediately, without waiting for someone else to act. My heart breaks open by their magnificence.

They've created heaven in the midst of hell.

We humans forget too easily. So, while this horror is still fresh in your mind, take stock. How could you create more heaven on earth? How could you do that with your loved ones, in your community, through political activity, through a smile, through being a friend, a volunteer or a listening ear and arms to hug?

Then just do it!

Do it every single day. Don’t wait for a tragedy. Woman, let your divine spark shine through so that each day you create moments of heaven for yourself and others.

How do you do that? The Grenfell Tower helpers have shown us how.

Use a journal and, at the end of each day, write down three acts of love you've expressed, big or small. For love in action is the only way you can create moments of heaven even here in the midst of the insanity we call life.

Then rejoice!

Love to you…

Sharon Eden Signature

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