Nigerian Actor Spends 6 Days on Greek Coast Watching A Life DRIFT Away June 23, 2022 Petalioi Gulf, Nea Makri, Greece, April 2022 I was cast in my

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Days 4, 5, 6

Nigerian Actor Spends 6 Days on Greek Coast Watching A Life DRIFT Away

June 23, 2022

Petalioi Gulf, Nea Makri, Greece, April 2022

I was cast in my first-ever feature film, shot in Greece in April. This was my itinerary, starting April 4:
Day 0: Travel through a heaving Manchester airport. Never seen so many people there, ever. Many unmasked. No covid checks. Arrive Nea Makri, night time.
Day 1: Ah, lovely view. It's going to be a great week. First rehearsal with wife and younger daughter. Older daughter arrives tomorrow, from filming elsewhere. She's something of a star.
Day 2: Lateral flow self-test. Positive.
What? Positive. First time ever, PO-SI-TIVE. On my first-ever real film set too!
Days 3 - 5, "diminishing" positive tests. No symptoms, save for the cold that had started before I travelled.
Day 6: Lateral Flow Negative (YAY!) but PCR test, PO-SI-TIVE.
Day 7: Replacement actor arrives
Day 9: Fly back to Liverpool and wonder if I'll be able to watch the film DRIFT when it comes out.
1. Life goes on; at least, there's life.
2. I had "A seat at the table;" I was "in the room," and the producers say there'll be others.
3. The lead, the daughter I didn't get to meet, Cynthia Erivo, heard how nice I was to work with, so she has commissioned a screenplay where a young woman and her father go on an epic odyssey from Europe to Africa in search of their roots, of themselves and of their long-lost relative, played by Idris Elba, also co-producing.
Okay, that's me dreaming now, but why not?

Repent shot

In the two days before that ill-fated journey to Greece, indeed, as the cold was starting, I was co-star in a short film, titled Repent, playing a mysterious blind man visiting a vicar with a strange story. Made by up-and-coming United Wolves Productions, I am told it will be out in coming weeks.

Then I was on a train to a recording studio in London to record the voice of Olaudah Equiano, former slave and noted abolitionist, for a BBC Radio 4 docudrama, The Amazing Life of Olaudah Equiano which aired last month.

My skills as a burgeoning voice actor were employed by my friend, Flloyd Kennedy (also to be seen in my Actors for Assange project) for a second episode of her 10-minute-drama podcast series, Am I Old Yet? in which I play a banking CEO in Kids, eh? The whole series is well worth listening to now and again, and following.


There is a new documentary doing the rounds, in which I play a small part. The makers believe, like many others, that there has been a witch hunt in Britain's Labour Party, designed to get rid of the former leader Jeremy Corbyn, and after him, very many other members. This film focuses on the Liverpool Constituency Labour Party. My role was in channelling Paul Robeson in his famous testimony to the House Un-American Activities Committee.

And finally, I was interviewed by the editor of a small magazine, Barriers to Bridges, on a range of matters. The publication is keen to attract subscribers, so please consider becoming one.

Culture Matters Logo12

Mainstream Media as Iago to our Collective Othello. The case of the misidentified(?) Robeson painting.

Several people sent me the exciting news from the Guardian, of a new portrait of Paul Robeson having been unearthed after almost a century, and gone on display in a prestigious UK gallery. I had a close look, and wasn't convinced. Comments were not enabled on the Guardian website, so I wrote an article, which you can read here. The exhibition has been well covered and reviewed, and so far, I appear to be a lone voice in casting doubt over the identity of the sitter, and expressing distrust of mainstream media.

Olaudah Equiano account


2 July, Ely Library, Cambs: Just An Ordinary Lawyer.
4 July, WPFW FM. Paul Robeson's Love Song
4 July, BBC Radio 4. The Amazing Life of Olaudah Equiano.
17 July, Paul Robeson's Love Song (plus Q&A). Online
21 – 27 Aug, Edinburgh Fringe: Call Mr. Robeson @ theSpace, Surgeon’s Hall
22 – 28 Aug, Edinburgh Fringe. Just An Ordinary Lawyer @ C Place Studio
CANCELLED 14 Oct, Holyhead, N. Wales: Call Mr. Robeson. Ucheldre Arts,
CANCELLED 15 Oct, Holyhead, N. Wales: Just An Ordinary Lawyer. Ucheldre Arts
Nov 4, Eastbourne, E. Sussex: Call Mr. Robeson. Grove Theatre


Edinburgh Fringe Appeal

You will note from the list above that I am taking both my plays to the Edinburgh Fringe, for one week. I feel the time is right to showcase my work in the concentrated marketplace that is the Fringe, as the entertainment world decides how to proceed, post-Covid. It's expensive business, and I would like to make an appeal for donations from those who are so inclined and able. Please see how to donate here. In addition to money, I'm looking for accommodation in the form of a room in someone's home, as a non-paying guest. If anyone can help, please get in touch.


My merchandise page has been updated. Products available include a DVD of Call Mr. Robeson (PAL only), a CD of songs from the show, play scripts, and more. Click here to go to the page.

Performances online

Please note that during the Edinburgh Fringe, pre-recorded performances of Call Mr. Robeson and Just An Ordinary Lawyer will be available online, and Paul Robeson's Love Song, is now also available on demand. Go to

Parting shots

In the ten weeks since my last newsletter, so many worrying things have happened in the world, a few being massacres in Nigeria; mass shootings in the USA; the ongoing war in Ukraine; the assassination of journalists and ordinary citizens in Palestine and various parts of Latin America, and the decision to deliver Julian Assange to the American persecutors coming within a week of the war criminal Tony Blair being knighted. There is more.
I choose, however, to end with a few small rays of hope which show how ordinary people deciding that they deserve better, and taking collective action can achieve results, despite the people who profess to govern us.

But beware: here come THE SOCIALISTS!

Mick Lynch

Organised workers are making waves in many parts of the globe, including in the US (Starbucks, Amazon and now Apple) and here in the UK, where the rail unions have called a three-day strike this week that has caused some pandemonium to the general public, and panic in the government. The general secretary of the RMT has proved to be something of a star performer in the media, and was accused of being a Marxist, intent on Revolution.


"Is that socialistic?"

Bernie Sanders had an exchange with Lindsey Graham on Fox News recently, responding brilliantly to the Socialism Scare attempt. Click on his image to watch, and hopefully enjoy. I wonder how Joe Biden would have responded?

FMM campaign image

Francia Marquez

"If they had done their job properly, I wouldn't be here."

Not only is she female, she's Black, and working class. To top it all, she is a socialist. The new Vice President of Colombia is an inspiration, as I found in this interesting article, which describes her journey from maid to Vice President.

She and her colleague will need to be careful, lest what happened to Patrice Lumumba doesn't happen to them. May the return of Lumumba's tooth bring some positivity to the people of the DRC.

Equity Banner

"That's power"

"That's power."

The UK Trades Union Congress organised a huge march and rally in London last Saturday, under the slogan "We Deserve Better." It surprisingly made the news for more than a day! I was particularly impressed by the speech made by Paul Fleming, General Secretary of my union, Equity.

Elbit 2

Photo by Calum Ford

ShutElbitDown: Palestine Action

Another insightful article I enjoyed reading was Israel's Leading Arms Manufacturer is Running Scared. The article talks about Palestine Action's targeting of Elbit Systems, and their success in forcing the company to shut down, first, its Oldham factory, and then its London office. As I was composing this newsletter, news broke of another action, this time in Shenstone, where they have successfully and dramatically attacked the UAV Systems (an Elbit subsidiary's) factory. Reading the press release, no civilian or military casualties appear to have been reported, nor have any buildings containing press organisations' offices been destroyed, unlike in Palestine: only bomb-making facilities.

UKZ Graduation

Graduation, UKZ style

And finally,

I came across this video of celebrations at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa graduation ceremony. It put a smile on my face, and hopefully it will do the same for you.

That's all for now. I hope you have a peaceful and enjoyable summer (or winter, down under). Maybe see one or two of you at a forthcoming performance.

Tayo Aluko

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