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16th June - Pupil Free Day
19th June - Parent Teacher Interviews - Pupil Free Day
23rd June - Pyjama Day - Gold Coin donation
23rd June - Last day of Term 2 - FINISH TIME 2.30PM
10th July - Pupil Free Day
6th November - Pupil Free Day

In this edition...

Mrs Tracy Skiba will be taking leave for the remainder of the term, in the interim I will be Acting Principal and Ms Casey Gould will be Acting Assistant Principal.
For our upcoming Curriculum Day, teachers will be taking part in a professional learning day with Riss from OzLit. Teachers will be building their capacity on the 6 + 1 Traits of writing as well as assessing student writing. We look forward to sharing more about this great learning opportunity for our staff with you all next week.

Reports and Parent / Teacher Conferences

Semester 1 student reports will become LIVE on Compass on the 16th of June. You will receive a Compass notification informing you of when they are ready to be viewed. An important aspect of the reporting process will be the Parent Teacher meeting scheduled for Monday 19th of June. These are 15-minute interviews on school site which will provide families the opportunity to discuss their child’s achievements, social development, and future learning goals. Please make sure you take the time to read your child’s report before your conference time.
If you have not yet booked in your session time for your parent/teacher conference, please do so ASAP. If you require a meeting online or an alternative day and time, please contact the teacher directly.

Dogs at Malvern Valley Primary School Policy

I wanted to highlight to families important information in regards to our Dogs at Malvern Valley Primary School Policy. This information has come directly from the policy:

Dogs permitted with conditions
Whilst Malvern Valley Primary School understands that many families in our school community keep dogs as pets, to ensure that our school remains a safe and inclusive place for everyone, we have in place a number of rules that we expect all families to follow if they wish to bring their pet dog onto school grounds:
· pet dogs are allowed on school site during pick up and drop off times (8:45-8:55am) and 3:30pm-3:45pm)
· pet dogs must be leashed at all times and in the control of a responsible adult
· pet dogs must not be stationed within 3 meters of classroom doors or gates whereby students may be in close proximity
· pet dogs must not be tied up on school grounds or left unaccompanied
· all fecal matter must be picked up by the owner and disposed of, and dogs are not allowed to drink from student’s drinking fountains
· families that bring dogs to school that exhibit signs of aggressive behaviour, bark, or jump may be asked to remove the dog from school premises.
The Principal has the authority to prohibit certain dogs from school grounds or modify this policy to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff, students and members of our school community at any time. This includes any concerns raised that are made to the school regarding the access of dogs on school grounds.
Can all families with dogs make sure that they are following our Dogs at Malvern Valley Primary School Policy, as we do have many students who are frightened of dogs and we want to make sure that our whole community feels protected and safe.

Important Reminders:

Friday 16th June - Curriculum Day and student reports go LIVE on Compass
Monday 19th June - Pupil Free Day- Parent / Teacher Reporting Conferences - please make sure that you have booked your session time via Compass.
*Please note that Ms Airey’s Interview times will be scheduled for another time so please wait for communication from the teacher regarding a booking time.
Friday 23rd June - Last day of Term 2 - EARLY FINISH 2:30pm

2024 Enrolments

2024 enrolments are now open and I urge all current families with children starting prep next year to complete their enrolment forms as soon as possible. This information will help guide staffing and class sizes for 2024 and will assist us to ensure that Prep packs and resources are ready and available for transition later this year. If you know of other families with children beginning Prep in 2024, please encourage them to enrol soon, either at MVPS or at their local school. Places are filling fast this year!

Amy Tinetti
Acting Principal

4 Values

Prep C - Lethu N
Prep D - Sia M
1/2C - Vania L
1/2D - Hayden S
1/2N - Chloe G
1/2P - Charlie N
3/4P - Zac T
3/4R - Micah S
3/4S - Liam P
5/6A - Zoe R
5/6FP - Jasper O
5/6P - Jasmine H

Specialist Student of the Month
PE Junior - Vera B
PE Senior - Ava M
Performing Arts Junior - Vera B
Performing Arts Senior - Rachael A
Greek Junior - Harper S
Greek Senior - Liam P
Visual Arts Junior - Reinhardt C
Visual Arts Junior - Poppy S

Hello MVPS Community!
The Junior School Council has organised a Pyjama Day which will take place on Friday the 23rd of June! Please bring a gold coin donation as we are raising money for homeless shelters.
Prep students will be participating in Teddy Bear Picnic at lunch, so feel free to bring along a soft plush toy!

Mr Nathan and Miss De Roberto

Women's History

As I am growing up, I've started to ask myself about the history of women and sometimes it makes me sad, when I look at how people used to treat women. Everyone deserves to learn that it wasn’t all happy sunshine. We lived in a world that was quite upsetting and unfair.

In the 1800’s women were not allowed to vote or make important decisions, such as making contracts, or having their own property. In those times women were looked down upon and were said to need a man to be important, they didn't even get a proper education.

I'm sure you still don't see my point, but young girls like myself need to know not to take our lives for granted. We need to have respect for our elders, and to know how lucky we are to have education and a chance for success.

There might be people who believe that we don't need to understand the history of women's rights. However, I believe it is important for all women and girls to reflect on the change over history so they can draw inspiration from the strength of those brave women, who made change.

So far I haven't seen anyone actually care about this important part of our history. As it seems people don't understand that we were basically slaves for the men.

Women should be entitled to live in freedom and with the same rights as men! Truthfully I believe, women for years have not been thanked enough for fighting for women’s rights. Another point is that schools teach about Aboriginal history and that's great and all but what about Women's history? Man! Even the name ‘Women’ has men in it!

Sure we have ‘Women’s day’, but that still doesn’t change much, some people don’t even celebrate or even remember Women’s day! What about the times where women needed permission from their husbands to go out, go to work or even just to go grocery shopping!

It's not like it's only back then, it happens in the cities we live in where little girls are being sold off to older men. These girls are forced to marry at 6-16 years of age and are being harassed. Some people think this is ok!? This is outrageous!

Another point is that women have always been second, for example in chess, women are said to protect the king and the king is the most important piece!

Something else that is outrageous is how when women got married they were expected to get their partners last name as their own. Sometimes I think it is bad that when a mother and father have just a daughter and their daughter gets married, their last name can’t go down generations anymore. However, with sons they can marry a woman and still have their last name go down generation to generation.
In some countries women still don’t have modern rights, for example Afghanistan for their lack of educated girls, and their lack of women’s safety.


Today I was here to show how important women’s history is and how schools should educate children for them to have a brighter understanding of the past and to make a better future.

By Tiffany P

Authors Message:
Hi I’m Tiffany in 5/6FP, and I decided that this topic would help me develop my author's voice in class which has been a focus during writing this term. But the main reason I've chosen this topic is because I was passionate about how people still don’t get treated the way they deserve to be. This links to my inquiry topic this term where I have been learning how people still face racism. Feminism, like racism, still occurs today and I want people to understand that both of these things must stop! So I hope writing this might raise awareness in my community, and make people reflect on how to treat others.

A reminder for families with children who have an Asthma, Allergy or Anaphylaxis plan, to please make sure that their child's plan is up to date. Although it is not a requirement for plans to be updated it is recommended annually. If you have been contacted by the school regarding an expired medication, please make sure that a new medication is supplied to the school. If you have any questions regarding your child's medication, please contact Carli on a Wednesday or Friday only, in the front office.


In order to streamline the weekly school delivery run any online orders placed for delivery to school will be delivered by a Spartan driver every Tuesday.

Online orders placed by midday on a Monday will be included in the school delivery the next day. Any orders placed after this time will be delivered in the following weeks run.


The Parents Association in conjunction with the 3/4 Class Coordinators are organising a special end of term lunch on Friday 23rd June. Individual Dominos pizzas will be delivered to the school as a special treat. Vegan & GF options available. A selection of drinks, treats and snacks will also be available however only at lunchtime so please pack recess as normal. Please order via QuickCliq by 8pm on Wednesday 21st June.

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