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JUNE 2019


Dear Friend,

With a book launch and workshop in Sweden, workshops and a meditation retreat in Germany and more workshops in Switzerland, there's still time to register for European nature spirits workshops this month! This will be the last call for my Stockholm workshop which starts tomorrow. And see my European photo album below for some of my favorite moments so far.

In Canada, there's only one spot left in July's Diamond Heart Meditation Retreat, located on the sea coast north of Vancouver, BC.

Thank you so much to my dear friend Verena Mezger for this month's article, A Spiritual Practice: One Day of Fasting.


"Sometimes I can work with humans, if their spirit is both light and strong enough..."

—Lloyd the Leprechaun, from Summer with the Leprechauns, by Tanis Helliwell


Summer with the Leprechauns: the authorized edition

I'm excited to announce that my bestselling book, Summer with the Leprechauns, launched in Sweden May 29 at the bookstore Vattumannen in Stockholm!

Copies of the book in the Swedish translation can be ordered HERE.

Summer with the Leprechauns is an astonishing true story about one woman’s journey to Ireland where she lived in a cottage with leprechauns. These seldom-seen beings taught her about the evolution of elementals – the race to which leprechauns, faeries, elves, trolls belong. They explained the importance of humans and elementals working together for the betterment of both of their races and the Earth.

For the original English and other translations, CLICK HERE.

UK Nature Spirits conference - Group Photo

The conference group in the UK, 2019.

Our May workshops in Europe have been wonderful (see the photos further down in this newsletter), and there's still time for you to register for June if you're in Sweden, Germany or Switzerland. If the elementals have been calling you, now is the time! I will share with you the secrets of manifestation according to natural laws and the natural world so that you can be more effective in your work and world.

There are also a few spots left in our week-long meditation retreat beginning next week. This retreat will assist you in self-healing with your body elemental.

June Schedule:

Sweden, Hälsans hus, Stockholm, Fjallgatan 23B
Contact: Olga Karlsson olga.k.karlsson(at)icloud.com 0046 (0) 73-251 20 93
Price: early bird 2950 SEK inkl. moms before 15 March, full price 3350 SEK afterwards

Freiburg, Germany, Glashaus Rieselfed, maria-von-Rudloff-Platz 2
Contact: Christoph Wasser, c.wasser(at)gmx.de 0049 7661 9899980
Price: €20

Hensellek, Black Forest, Germany
Contact: Christoph Wasser, c.wasser(at)gmx.de 0049 7661 9899980
Price: € 495 plus food and accommodation

Lucerne, Switzerland, moving art patio, Tribschengasse 4
Contact: Ingrid Mettier, ingridmettier(at)gmx.ch 0041796721494
Price: 30 CHF

Lucerne, Switzerland, moving art patio, Tribschengasse 4
Contact: Ingrid Mettier, ingridmettier(at)gmx.ch 0041796721494
Price: 325 CHF


What a whirlwind it's been so far! First, thank you so much to Stephen Roberts, the organizer for the Nature Spirits & Humans Conference in Nottinghamshire, UK, where I was happy to be one of the key speakers. And how lovely to meet Marko Pogačnik there.

On to the Netherlands, and many thanks to Marjolein Baars, who did a wonderful job organizing my nature spirits talk and workshop in Werkhoven. And in Norway, to Martin Aeschlimann and Drude Isene for an inspiring time on the farm!

Tanis with Marco Pogacnik-UK conference-800px

Tanis with Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace, at the Nature Spirits & Humans Conference, UK.

Tanis with Stephen Roberts - UK organizer-1000px

Tanis with Stephen Roberts, UK conference organizer.

Dutch group

The Dutch group.

Holland - funny skit toilets

Dutch participants acting out a funny skit on how what we put in the toilet infects our water and kills the fish!

Tanis with Marjolein Baars - Holland

Tanis with Marjolein Baars, Dutch workshop organizer.


Norway: The colt was born during our workshop and we got to meet her!

Norway-Tanis with Charlie the pig-800px

A lovely time with Charlie the pig in Norway!

Norway-Tanis with Martin Aeschlimann and Drude Isene-800px

Thanks to Martin Aeschlimann and Drude Isene for organizing a wonderful workshop on a farm in Norway.


July 14 - 20, 2019 | CANADA | ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT!


Accommodation for the annual Diamond Heart Meditation Retreat is now FULL, but there is still one more spot available for the program if you can arrange your own place to stay.

CONTACT US TODAY to register: info(at)iitransform.com

For more information on this meditation retreat click HERE.


By Verena Mezger, IIT Graduate

vegetables-1085063 1920

I once read that everything we believe about life, others and ourselves plays out in the relationship we have with food. In my own life I have found this to be true. For many years I tried every diet to lose weight and keep it off. It never worked. I obsessed about my weight, I struggled with it, I tried to ignore it, I even tried to accept it. But only when I started looking at what is going on behind the food did I finally find a solution that has helped me to live in a right-sized body long term.

In this article I want to discuss what I have learned about food through fasting as a spiritual practice and the things it has taught me. I want to propose that you try one day of fasting, just drinking water and herbal tea and having a vegetable broth without the vegetables for your meals. This will help bring you in touch with the variety of thought forms and beliefs around food that are so deeply entrenched in many of our cultures and/or our families.

Often we will be confronted with urges and cravings when fasting and all sorts of thoughts will run through our heads. When we fast for one day we obviously are not going to die of starvation even if a part of us wants us to think we are. So we need to create some space between us and these feelings of starvation and deprivation that are haunting us and tell ourselves: “This is ridiculous! I am not going to starve or let alone die if I don’t eat for one full day. So what is coming up for me?”

tee-1740871 1920

Then we can start asking ourselves what exactly are our thoughts and beliefs around food. What is it about food that is causing us so much distress? And when we start thinking about this we realize food often goes back to our childhood.

As we go through our day of fasting we need to ask ourselves some questions about how food and eating was handled when we grew up and what was happening in our childhood around food:
* were we receiving enough food when we were children or did we go hungry?
* were we forced to eat food we didn’t want and were we punished, and for instance not allowed to leave the table if we didn’t?
* did different people in the household get different kinds of food?
* was food used to express or withhold love? Food for most of us equals love.
* was the food prepared with love or was it done with anger and resentment or were we made to feel guilty about all the effort that was needed to prepare it?
* were our meals always rushed?
* was there harmony and a nice family atmosphere at home or did family members just grab the food off the counter and go off somewhere?
* did we children eat separately from our parents so we never felt the parents were actually there sitting down at mealtime with us?

We really need to look closely at what is coming up as we are going through our day of fasting. We also need to be mindful of how we sabotage our attempts at fasting. Do we decide to have coffee or tea which are both caffeinated drinks that stimulate more uncontrollable emotions. Or do we have a bite of this or that as we are preparing our fasting meals. We need to ask ourselves why did we choose to have coffee and tea or why did we pop this or that food into our mouth when we are fasting.

Most probably you will be doing the fasting by yourself. It’s always interesting to observe the internal dialogue that takes place when we don’t eat but see others eating. Are there issues coming up around that? And how do you feel about you not eating when others are. Perhaps you feel envy that the others can eat and you can’t. Or perhaps you are feeling sorry about yourself because you don’t get to eat. Or perhaps you feel superior because you are able to go without food and others can’t.

Be mindful of the feelings that come up as you go through your day. Don’t judge or try to suppress them. Just observe them and try to tune into them. See where they are located in your body and how they show up. Name them. They tell you so much about your family story and the beliefs you formed. Becoming aware of our relationship with food can support us on our journey of personal growth, evolution and transformation.

Fasting Journal

You might want to observe yourself as you are going through the day of fasting. Keeping the questions for contemplation from above in mind you could journal on how this day unfolds for you and anything you feel noteworthy.

This might give you some deep insights and help you establish a mindfulness practice around your food and the way you eat. The beauty of using eating as a doorway to greater awareness is that you get to do it a number of times each day, every single day of the year.

Verena Mezger is a graduate of the IIT and has been working with Tanis Helliwell since 2004.


You know you're in Ireland when ... leprechauns are everywhere! Watch for them wherever you go. Here's a sweet reminder sign found recently on Instagram at #leprechaunmuseum.

Do you have an image of a leprechaun, gnome or another elemental? We would love to add it to the Leprechaun Website.

Send it in to info(at)iitransform.com, or post it on Instagram using the hashtag #tanisleprechaun (remember to make it public) and we'll share it in our next IIT newsletter, too.

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.


Love as always,

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