Wow! The holiday season is here, again. How will you navigate this Christmas? For many of us, this is a time of gatherings, mingling, shopping, nibb


Wow! The holiday season is here, again.

How will you navigate this Christmas?

For many of us, this is a time of gatherings, mingling, shopping, nibbling & consuming. While this can be a very exciting and festive time, as we connect with family, friends and loved ones, it can also add stress on many levels.

Some face the pain of isolation, loneliness, grief or unfulfilled dreams at this time of year. For some of us, stress is added from expectations, materialism, commercialism and perfectionism. For others stress is added by over-consumption of food, and indulging in sugar and alcohol. And we can't forget about the stress of social interactions with family, acquaintances and co-workers that we may not be so excited to contend with.

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Healthy Holiday Drinks

The holidays can be very taxing. Many people are not aware that both sugar and alcohol can cause anxiety, depression and mood swings. For this reason, intake of both should be limited. Consider filling your fancy cocktail glass with some sparkling mineral water, soda water, pomegranate juice or one of these fun mocktails. Why not bring your own concoction to the parties you attend and share it with the people you want to be lucid with?

Healthy Mocktail Recipes Link

How do YOU approach uncomfortable situations or people that you would much rather avoid?

Do you decline the invitation? Do you avoid confrontation? Do you just fake it and put on your party face?

Sometimes our aggravation comes from other sources. It could be our own busy-ness that has us stressed, along with countless other reasons. It could be helpful to take a moment before entering an anticipated uncomfortable environment to take a breath and get yourself in the right "head space". Take two minutes (or more if you have it) to get centered. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and focus on deep belly breathing. Clear your mind and become totally present with your breath. Even if you have to do this in your car before entering the environment that you would rather avoid. Give yourself the time and space to be relaxed and at ease.

Is there that one person that gets you all tensed up?

Ask yourself:

Is it possible to look at the scene from the other person’s perspective? Do you know their story? What they are dealing with? We often look at things from our own eyes vs. the eye of others. Sometimes, with compassion and empathy we can see the situation from another view point other than our own.

Is this person reflecting something back to you that you need to be aware of? Many times what annoys or frustrates us about others is really our internal environment that we are not content with.

Is there a way to send the person some loving kindness and set them free? Wish them the best rather than curse what you view as negative, and release the hold that you have on them, or that they have on you. Cord cutting (an energetic detachment) can be very helpful to break old bonds that once held you together and allow you to form new bonds or a fresh new relationship if desired.

Want to know more about cord cutting? ASK SHARLENE!

Here are a few ways to stay Happy & Healthy this holiday season:

LImit alcohol & sugar consumption
Both add additional stress to your liver and adrenals, disturb blood sugar regulation and your mood.

Vitamin D
Sunlight (and exposure to Vitamin D) is limited in the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year. Consider supplementing during the winter months with a good quality Vitamin D. Not sure how much you need? See your natural health care practitioner and aim to get outside to soak up some winter rays and fresh air.

Full spectrum light
Since our brains are starved with limited exposure to natural sunlight while indoors, especially in the winter, full spectrum light can help you increase mental clarity & productivity.

Fish oils
To beat the winter blues, try one of nature's mood enhancers, Omega 3 found in fish oils to elevate mood and ward off depression. Not sure what type or how much to take? See Sharlene or Elly!


Remember this is a festive time

Indulging is likely going to happen. Aim to be real and live by the 80/20 rule; It's what you do 80% of the time that matters most. I'm 80% sure of that!

Most benefit plans start over in January

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Wishing you a peaceful, healthy & happy holiday!

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