"Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow."


Happy Friday!

You ever Google your symptoms to see what is wrong and you wind up diagnosing yourself with what you think you have? I do this ish allllll the time!
Sometimes, Google effs with my head and has me thinking something is worse than it really is. I'll Google something and then I'm like: oh no, this is it ... I'm dying!!

No, I'm not really dying. But, I just diagnosed myself with having seasonal affective disorder (SAD)... thanks to Googling.

I swear my mood drastically changes once the summer ends. The only thing I like about the fall is pumpkin coffee. But, I hate the cold weather (yet, I still live in New Jersey) and I also hate when it starts getting dark earlier.

Summer ending makes my whole mood change. So, I had to Google that shit and I found out I have SAD. Damn, yo. Smh. I need another drink.


Use your day job to fund your dream job

I often see memes about being a boss and how to leave your 9 to 5. But, don't quit your day job just yet and go broke trying to live out your dreams. It's okay to use that normal job in the meantime.

Some people assume I live some glamorous life as a blogger, and trust me, I don't. Yeah, I go to cool events and I bump shoulders with some celebs from time to time, but I still work a normal 9 to 5 job just like the next person. And, having health benefits included is nice.

I work my full-time job and then when I get home, I continue to work on my blog and other activities (I call that my 7 to 11 job). The hustle and grind never stops. I also do extra work on most weekends.

If you're anything like me, the 9 to 5 life just ain't it. You're creative, you have your own ideas and dreams and you want to work for yourself one day and be your own boss. You feel like your 9 to 5 is holding you back and instead of being at a desk all day, you can use that time towards building your own dreams. And, you dream of working from home.

I know that feeling all so well.

But, be smart and utilize what you earn to help reach your goals and fund your dreams. There's nothing wrong with still working a normal job while you're building your empire and growing your brand. Just make sure to save some energy to work towards building your dream job and stay dedicated, because the time you have to give to your business/dreams is limited.

I've also learned to stay disciplined. Sure there are so many other things I rather do at night or on the weekend. I used to party all of the time and hang out. But I've disciplined myself to use that time to read and work on my blog. Now, on a typical Friday night, I'm at home with my laptop open and working. This also helps with saving money. Instead of wasting a quick $100 a night by partying and drinking every weekend, I can put that money into my blog. Now, don't get me wrong, I let loose once in awhile. You have to have some fun in life. But, I've made it more of a priority working my 7 to 11 job.

Resilience is also key. Nothing will hold me back with doing what I have to do. I see the goals ahead and I'm determined to reach them. Passion and motivation is what keeps me going. You truly have to love what you do and be hungry enough to go after it. These are all good traits to have when working towards entrepreneurship.

As the saying goes: you have to believe it before you see it.

Just remember, your bills don't stop just because you have dreams and goals. Make sure you're still taking care of business by using your 9 to 5, get your finances in check, save up a lot, have a vision, make clear daily objectives, and make some sacrifices with your time (whether that means cutting back on hanging out with friends, watching TV, less social media time, etc.) so you can still work on the bigger picture: your dream job.


So, what's going on with me...

Aside from working, blogging and drinking wine, I've been super busy in the midst of opening up my online shop (and not trying to lose my mind at work).

Online Shop

Like I've previously mentioned, I started an online shop where I sell women's apparel and select men's and kids clothes and accessories. I've been really focused on designing shirts, learning more about CSS and HTML coding, marketing and creating social media pages for the shop. Feel free to check out my designs on: ooolala.shop. Follow on Instagram and Facebook for updates and new designs. I will definitely do merch giveaways in the near future, exclusively for my subscribers. So stay tuned for that!


I will be featured in Billionaire Entertainment Magazine's Fall 2018 print edition of their magazine. I recently did an interview with them about blogging and being a boss chick. More details on that soon!

Radio Show

Hear me dish on celeb hot topics during my special segment with LaTavia tonight (Sept. 28) on WBuz95! You can download the free Orange Radio app to listen!

We interviewed Willie Jones, a former 'X-Factor' contestant who is a black country singer! His mentor on the show was Demi Lovato ... so, of course, I asked about Demi and if they still keep in touch. So, make sure to tune in tonight! + I'll be running down all of the hot celebrity topics for this week.

Last week's show was so good! We had juicy gossip + LaTavia talked about reuniting with Beyonce AND if there was ever a FULL Destiny's Child reunion, would she be down?? ... Well, if you missed that show, you'll have to wait for the replay!


Single. And, I don't have the time to entertain any new guys.

The butterflies guy is done (the one I mentioned awhile back in a previous newsletter), and I've just been chilling with my ex and enjoying his company. But, that's a whole other story and a whole other newsletter.

As always, feel free to respond to this newsletter... and remember, you can send me an email whenever!

Have a great (and productive) weekend!


La La.


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