SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: #StudyAbroadBecause Dear Bare Feet® Fans, Today marks the 4th birthday for Bare Feet®, which is something that I am extremely

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Dear Bare Feet® Fans,

Today marks the 4th birthday for Bare Feet®, which is something that I am extremely proud of - starting as a blog, evolving into a web series, and now airing as a TV show, the Bare Feet® project has come a long way! And it couldn't be more fitting that today the State Department kicks off its #StudyAbroadBecause campaign - the whole reason I am doing what I am doing TODAY is because travel changed my life; the opportunity to study abroad TWICE kickstarted that journey for me over 10 years ago!

Earlier this week, I attended the Travel Bloggers Summit at the White House to discuss new Study Abroad initiatives and the idea of Global Citizenship. Attended by 99 other #WHTravelBloggers and top travel media icons, the summit was led by top White House officials including Assistant to the President, Ben Rhodes; White House Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough; Assistant Secretary of State for Education & Cultural Affairs, Evan Ryan; and Chief of Staff to the First Lady, Tina Tchen.

The biggest news that came out of this summit is that the State Department will soon be opening a US Study Abroad Office within the next few months. What does this mean? This is just the beginning of a very long and necessary journey to keep the United States in the forefront of a globalized economy, to make Americans true citizens of the world, and to give students of all socio and economic backgrounds the access to a richer and fuller education that will support them their entire lives!

- Mickela Mallozzi


"When we study together and we learn together; we work together and we prosper together." - President Barack Obama



Only 1.5% of American students study abroad - with financial restrictions, lack of access to programs and financial aide, and of course trepidation and nervousness that may hinder the jump forward to study abroad, the soon-to-come US Study Abroad Office hopes to make education as well as international opportunities more accessible for ALL students in the US, including high school students!

Current programs that give opportunities to students include NSLI For Youth, Critical Language Scholarship Program, Exchanges, the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, and the Fulbright US Student Program. Stay tuned for the upcoming Virtual Study Abroad Fair for more information on study abroad programs available to YOU!




Have you studied abroad before? Are you interested in becoming a citizen of the world through a study abroad opportunity?

Join the conversation online at #StudyAbroadBecause and share your story!


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The #WHTravelBloggers celebrate with Turkish Airlines at the Newseum in Washington, DC.


Mickela discusses Study Abroad & Global Citizenship with other #WHTravelBloggers in Washington, DC.


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