Introduction to Gevurah Week

We are excited to welcome all who have been viewing thus far as well as those who are just beginning to view these communications. Because we want to stand at Shavuous in a new place of dynamic growth, this initiative has the goal to provide messages that support our efforts. Every person who comes on this loving, gentle but determined journey makes a huge difference in the kindness that comes into the world. Thank you!

Short Media Clip from Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller - Introduction to Gevurah Week and the Final Tefila for the week

Here is a translation of the same tefilah given at an earlier time

For a full shiur on gevurah week from Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinsky, Click HERE

Seven days of Gevurah Week - Getting a Head Start

Rebbetzin Orit Esther Riter, is our speaker for each of the seven days of Gevurah week.

We plan to send out the first media clip from Rebbetzin Riter for chesed shebe gevurah on Thursday before the last days.

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