Omen44 x Nipps x Vikn - "Motto Ue(Higher Above)"


Omen44 x Nipps x Vikn - "Motto Ue(Higher Above)" Produced by Gradis Nice

Omen44 / Nipps / Vikn - Motto Ue「もっと上」(Higher Above)

Third single from there up coming EP, that will be dropping this summer, "Motto Ue" was recorded in LA and filmed in Red Rock Nevada.
EPからの第3弾目「もっと上」LAにて録音、Red Rockにて撮影、Came Far For The Killing含むEPは今夏発売予定。

iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/motto-ue-higher-above-single/id1246095270?l=en

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Produced by : Gradis Nice
Video Directed by : Furis
Video Edited by : Loaf Films

Lyrics : https://genius.com/Omen44-x-nippsbuddha-brand-x-vikntetrad-the-gang-of-four-motto-uehigher-above-lyrics


Omen44 x Nipps x Vikn - "Motto Ue(Higher Above)" -


Artist Info アーティスト情報


Omen44 has moved to NY from Kobe since 2000 and has worked with Hip Hop heavy weights such as Nipps(Buddha Brand), Statik Selektah, A.G.(D.I.T.C), Tek(Smif-n-Wessun), Sadat X, Craig G and Large Professor, Marley Marl too, he has dropped 1 album "Thirteen" and 2 EP's one with a collaboration with Ruste Juxx and one he worked with Reggae legend such as Sizzla Kalonji and more... his Free download album "Japan According to Omen44" was composed with Japanese samples from Jazz to funk and right now he is working on a project with Nipps(Buddha Brand), Vikn(Tetrad The Gang Of Four) and preparing to drop an all Japanese rap free download EP under the title of "7"
95年より神戸・関西圏を中心に活動開始。2000年に活動の拠点をNYCへ移す。過去の作品では、Nipps(Buddha Brand), Statik Selektah, Sizzla, Kalonji, A.G.(D.I.T.C),Tek(Smif-n-Wessun),Sadat X,Craig Gとのコラボや、Large Professor、Marley Marlより楽曲提供を受ける、作品にはアルバム"Thirteen"とFree Download用アルバム"Japan According to Omen44",NYはRuste JuxxとのコラボEP"Black Son Rise",ReggaeアーティストとのEP"Super ape 3000"等があり今後の展開としてNipps,Vikn(TETRAD THE GANG OF FOUR)とのEP,日本語のFree Downloadアルバムを予定している。

NIPPS(Buddha Brand)

The original member from the legendary group called "Buddha Brand" they have been the pioneers in game since the 90's, featured members are CQ, Nipps, DJ Masterkey and the late Dev Large. The band lasted from 1995-2006 with various singles released throughout the years. The band are thought to be now disbanded, after the passing of Dev Large in 2015.
日本のヒップホップMC。1990年代にBuddha BrandのMCとして活動。別称(a.k.a)は飛葉飛火、緑の5本指など。
Buddha Brand "Ningen Hatsudenshiyo" - https://youtu.be/pxsx4027djE

Vikn(Tetrad The Gang Of Four)

Born in Choshi Chiba, a member of the group called "Tetrad The Gang Of Four" he has worked with DJ WATARAI and released a mix CD called "Bionic Boyz" from BIG¥ENT.
千葉県・銚子出身。10代半ばからラッパーとしての活動開始。04年、MUROがホストを務めた新たな才能を発掘する企画『32 BLOCK』でシーンの表舞台へ躍り出る。その後、元BUDDHA BRANDの一員であるNIPPSにB.D、SPERBとともにTETRAD THE GANG OF FOURを結成し、08年にNYで暗躍するKEN SPORTが全曲を手がけた1st アルバム『TETRAD THE GANG OF FOUR』を発表。10年にはソロでのミックステープ『THE 6 MILLION DOLLAR MAN』をリリースし、TETRAD THE GANG OF FOURとしての2ndアルバム『SPY GAME』もリリース。12年にはDJ/トラックメイカーとして古くからシーンで活躍するDJ WATARAIとタッグを組み、ミックスCD『Bionic Boyz』をBIG¥EN ENT.からリリース。

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