Welcome to Tools to Grow, Inc.'s Holiday/Christmas Newsletter! We hope that they provide you with information, tools, and resources to help with the m


Welcome to Tools to Grow, Inc.'s Holiday/Christmas Newsletter! We hope that they provide you with information, tools, and resources to help with the most important job there is ... helping children grow!

In this newsletter you will find Holiday and Christmas themed activities, resources, tips, and Freebies!


Christmas Color by Number

Versions Included:
Elf, Wreath with Lights and Ornament, Christmas Tree, Gingerbread Man, Santa, and Snowman.

Christmas Color by Number can be found here.


Map Skills: Christmas Edition!

This holiday themed 16 PAGE PDF packet allows for opportunity to view and analyze winter/Christmas themed maps.

Through the use of road names and buildings, opportunities are provided for the development of orientation and directionality skills.

There are three levels of Christmas/winter themed maps that include various holiday themed locations, such as Santa's workshop, skating rink, elve’s houses, gingerbread house, and much more!

You can find these Map Skills - Holiday Edition Resources here.


Holiday Connect the Dots!

Includes 6 Holiday Themed Connect the Dots Worksheets! Kids will love these dot-to-dot Holiday Themed activities! Versions include: Snowman, Candy Cane, Christmas Tree, Stocking, Ornament, and Bell.

You can find these Connect the Dots and FREE VERSION here.


OH Christmas Tree! Packet!

This is an 11 PAGE High quality PDF with a Christmas Tree Theme.

Topics Include: Visual Discrimination (Same) Black & White and Color Versions, Visual Discrimination (Different) Black & White and Color Versions, Matching Fun! Black and White and Color Versions, Pattern & Cut, Christmas Tree Maze & Riddle, Handwriting Level 1 and 2.

Find this Oh Christmas Tree! Packet here!


Christmas I SPY!

Students must follow the written instructions to color and find the number of Christmas items indicated.

This is a 5 PAGE PDF that is a great Visual Perceptual and Fine Motor activity.

2 different skill levels included.

You can find this fun game Here: Christmas I Spy


A "Hole Punch" of Fun & My "Hole Punch" of Fun Book!

Using a hole punch and colored construction paper, punch out the number of circles and glue them onto the images as indicated. This is a 4 PAGE high quality PDF. Includes: A "Hole Punch" of Trees, Mittens, and Candy Canes!

The booklet is a 6 PAGE PDF that is a "Hole Punch" of Holiday Fun!!! Assemble book as instructed. Read instructions for each hole punch activity page. Using a hole punch and colored construction paper, punch out the number of circles and glue them onto the items. Decorate the Gingerbread Man, Elf Hat, Christmas Tree, Snow Globe, Elf Socks & Shoes, Candy Cane, Snowman, Wreath Decoration, Holly, and Ornaments.

Find these HOLE PUNCH activities Here!


Stop, Find, and Color!

Follow the Maze Path and Complete the “Stop, Find, & Color” boxes along the way.

Watch out for the road blocks! You must complete all stops to finish the maze.

2 Versions included!

You can find these Stop, Find, and Color Resources here.


Holiday Mazes!

Includes 6 Holiday Themed Mazes! Versions include: Snowman, Candy Cane, Christmas Tree, Stocking, Ornament, and Bell. Each maze is a full page and 1/8 inch wide paths.

Find Holiday Mazes Here!


Feel & Find Tactile Discrimination Game

2 Different Versions!
Includes detailed instructions to assemble and play game, Game Cover Sheet to attach to a bag, and Game Cards. Once the game is assembled, the child picks a card and looks at the picture. The child is expected to reach inside the bag with their hand to find the specified item shown on the "Game Card”.

Read Blog Post to find out more about this amazing game here!

Cinnamon Recipe

Holiday Cinnamon Shapes - FREE!

A fun Holiday Recipe that everyone will love! The dough makes great hanging holiday ornaments.

This recipe provides intense olfactory (smell) and tactile (touch) experiences. Your child can make these as gifts for friends and family.

Find this FREE Printable HERE!


Christmas Themed Cookie Game!!

Kids will LOVE playing this Fun Fine Motor Christmas Cookie Matching Game! Included in this high quality PDF is a set of Christmas cookies, cookie game sheet, and instructions. The child has to scoop up, transport, and match a Christmas cookie to the Cookie Game Sheet. Kids will love to play this fun matching game ... but be careful! Don't Drop the Christmas Cookies!

Find this fun Christmas Game here!


The Holiday Selfie: Sentence Starter Handwriting Game!

This is a smart phone/tablet themed Holiday Handwriting Game. The child looks at the holiday “selfie” and reads the beginning words of the sentence. Using age appropriate lined paper, he/she finishes the sentence using the starting words provided.

This 14 PAGE PDF includes both grey and white versions. Includes 12 game cards, game rules/instructions, and game sheets - 3 versions of lined paper (single lined, 3 lined 1/2 inch wide, and 3 lined 3/4 inch wide paper with solid border).

Find this Handwriting Selfie Game Here!


Elf Fun! Pre-Writing & Stroke Formation

This is a 9 PAGE High Quality PDF packet that targets Pre-Writing Skills. Follow the instructions to decorate the elf shoes, socks, and hats! Great way to introduce pre-writing strokes and shapes with a fun Elf Theme!!

Find our Elf Fun! Pre-Writing and Pencil Control Exercises here.


Executive Functioning Holiday Resources

Tools to Grow is pleased to offer a variety of resources that target the needs of those students that would benefit from intervention in many areas of executive functioning. Our exclusive Holiday themed executive functioning resources include:
1. Holiday Time Management - How Much Time?
2. Holiday Organizing and Sequencing - Alphabet Fun!
3. Planning and Organizing - Holiday Calendar Practice
4. Map Skills - Christmas Edition

Read blog post on these Executive Functioning Holiday Resources here.


FREE! Meet my Pet Reindeer!Holiday Craftivity!!

This FREE printable craft template and writing activity will be a holiday hit!!

You can find this FREE Printable Craftivity here!


Tis the season for giving! During the Holiday season family and friends want to give a special present that will bring pleasure to the children in their lives. Sometimes the intent is to share a gift that is pure entertainment, other times the gift is intended to promote development in other areas…intellectual, social, sensory, or motor skills.

The items have been categorized into developmental skill areas that the game, toy, or craft may develop in your child. These skill areas include:

Board Games - Drawing, Handwriting/Literacy Skills, Visual Perception, Motor Planning, Strategy, and Drawing

Sensory - Olfactory, Auditory, Oral Motor, Propriocetive, Tactile, Vestibular, and Gross Motor/Balance

Fine Motor Coordination - Early Childhood & Kindergarten/ Older


Eye-Hand Coordination - Early Childhood & Kindergarten/Older

While Tools to Grow is very happy to share this list, we believe that the most important gifts are those that cannot be purchased. This includes sharing your love, patience, generosity, time, and compassion with a child.

Read our Gift guide Blog Post and download our FREE printable guide here.


Hanukkah Activities, Ideas, and Crafts

Hanukkah is almost here, a time to gather with friends and family, a time for the celebration of lights. It is a time to share food, music, blessings, and perhaps small gifts with children. It is an opportunity for children to learn about charity and traditions that are passed on through the ages.

Tools to Grow is pleased to offer some great Hanukkah themed activities and ideas to incorporate into your therapy sessions, home program, school/classroom, or to share with others in your community. We have separated our Hanukkah themed resources into three categories: Sensory, Visual Perceptual, and Fine Motor Skills.

Read our Hanukkah Blog Post Here

Stocking Craft

The holidays are here and we have a fun Christmas Stocking themed fine motor craft that kids will love to make! This activity addresses a variety of fine motor, bilateral integration, hand-eye coordination, visual motor coordination, and praxis skills. We have included a FREE Printable template/pattern for this stocking craft. This cut, hole punch, thread, and paste craft is a great way to promote a variety of skills and decorate for the holidays!

Read entire Blog Post Here!!

Winter House - Memory Game

Visual Memory - Winter House Game

Includes Detailed Instructions, Game Board, Game Sheets (3 Versions), and Game Worksheet. Assemble game as instructed. Ask the student(s) to open each flap (windows, chimney, and door) on the house and look at the letters. Allow the student time to study and visualize the letters. Remove the board and/or close the flaps. Using the corresponding “House Worksheet” pages, students will recall letters and form words.

Find this NEW Resource HERE!


Santa's Workshop: Conveyor Belt Memory GAME

Where Did the Elves' Put the Toys??A Holiday Sequential Memory & Visual Motor Resource!!!

This game helps children improve their sequential memory, the use of scissors, fine motor coordination, bilateral coordination, and eye-hand coordination. This 14 PAGE High Quality PDF includes detailed instructions, 3 Levels of difficulty, 3 pages of game pieces, and 6 pages worksheets!

Find this NEW Resource HERE!


What’s on Santa’s List? EDITABLE Craftivity!

This 8 Page Editable PDF includes all you need to make a Santa List Craftivity!!!

Includes detailed instructions, pattern, and editable Santa List where you can type your list and child's name!

Find this NEW Resource HERE!


Dress Up Santa Paper Doll!

HO! HO! HO! This Santa Paper Doll is a great activity kids will love! Includes Written Directions, Visual Instructions/Steps to complete task, 2 Pages of Santa's Clothing images, and Labeling Page. This Santa Dress Up Activity targets a variety of fine motor, sequencing, planning, handwriting, and visual motor skills!

Find this NEW Resource HERE!


Let’s enjoy the pleasure of some Holiday fun
while giving our children the Tools To Grow!

We wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season!

Love, Patti & Shelley

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