You Are Divine A 200 hour yoga Immersion and Teacher Training Gentle Yogins, This is the thing. The thing you have been casting about for in the mi

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You Are Divine

A 200 hour yoga Immersion and Teacher Training

Gentle Yogins,

This is the thing. The thing you have been casting about for in the middle of the night. The thing that will finally let you see all of the diverse aspects of your life—of yourself—in context, eagle-vision style. The thing that will let you begin to make sense of all the pieces, of all the stories and half finished poems and doodles on post-it notes that make up your story so far.

Ok, maybe it's just a yoga training.

But maybe it's both.

My Immersion curriculum was born out of the desire to serve those of you with a calling to teach Yoga by first providing an opportunity to really know the practice in a personal way. It offers the time and space you need to go deep—deep enough to tap into what's moving you forward but also what's holding you back, the inner demons and rruth seekers whose inevitable friction is the fuel for the fire in your belly.

Turns out, the immersion is perfect for anyone with a passion for the practice, regardless of whether or not you choose to pursue teaching. It covers asana (poses) with an emphasis on bio-mechanics, pranayama (breathing) and the meditative arts, as well as the history and mythology of yoga practice. It's designed to help you add to your existing toolbox of skills and strategies for engaging with the life you’re in, or for re-imagining that life to better suit you.

Yoga is a slow burn, and I won't promise that you'll conquer those demons or find all that you're seeking, or even that you'll ask all the necessary questions in 100 hours. But I do think you will glimpse the possibilities within you to do those things. And you will leave with a better sense of the terrain, a head start for the next leg of your journey, whenever and however it should present itself.

The immersion is for serious, committed students of all levels. We will work hard, and you will be expected to modify your efforts when necessary to support yourself. We will evolve as a group into more of ourselves, and how that looks will be entirely up to you.

There is still space.

Do this for yourself.

Lots of love,



FYI - The early bird price for the Mexico Retreat ends Oct 30.

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About Alison:

For me, the practice of yoga has always been a kind of sorting out and identifying of my many aspects or pieces, and cobbling them together into something useful, sustainable. I think the most significant gift I've received from my practice is the ability to look at alignment through this lens. Rather than something to be externally imposed, alignment is something that we discover when we start in the middle and weave together all that is real and native to us - our muscles and bones but also our errant thoughts and unexpected emotions, our desires and preferences and dirty little secrets, our histories, our identity - not into oneness, but an allied and functional multiplicity.

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